Growing up is HARD!

When did I grow up?!?!  And can it STOP????  *sigh*

And that's definitely a LOADED sigh.  I thought that once the wedding was over and things returned to 'normal', everything would calm down and be okay .... boy was I WRONG!!!  I'm more overwhelmed now than I ever have been before!  My to-do list shows that well:

     Figure out what documents I need to change my name on
     Change my name on those documents
     Finish writing thank you notes
     Write a 5 page paper for my internship
     Meeting with my internship supervisor and school supervisor
     Work on spreadsheet
     Figure out Christmas gifts
     Figure out Christmas plans - THAT'S A HEADACHE ALL IN ITSELF
     Find a job
     Find an apartment to live in next year
     Take Ace to the vet

Not sure if I can handle that last one.  I'm soooooo stressed out and super worried about everything.  Like I said, can I just STOP growing up?! Ugh.  I just don't know anymore ... I just want to curl up in a ball and do absolutely nothing for a few days.  It seems like all I do is cry anymore.  I just want things to normalize and to just CALM DOWN.  I think I'll be happy again once I find a job with my degree and we have an apartment that we can afford to live in.  THEN I'll be able to breathe.  Hopefully.  Idk.  Maybe I just needed to vent.  Or cry! 
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