No Way?!

I'll start off by saying that I am truly blessed and grateful for all that God has given me, including all of the luxuries that I get to enjoy.  Among those are the fabulous cell phones that we know and love.  Anyway, I was searching for apps on my iPhone the other day and came across the Mantis Bible Study app.  Intrigued, I downloaded it (for free!) and began to check it out.  It turns out that it's FABULOUS!  It's basically a digital bible for my phone. 

So now that I have discovered this, I have a new goal.  I am going to start at the beginning and read the entire bible from front to back on a daily basis.  I may not get there in a year, but I plan to read a little each day and re-discover my faith and deepen my knowledge of Christ and His life.  I know this may not seem like something to blog about, but I will tell you that I am super excited about this!!!  It will be at my fingertips and whenever I am bored or have a few minutes, I will read a few verses of Scripture.  How awesome?!  :)



So, I had been thinking for a while that I had been wanting a small puppy. After discussing it with several people, I decided it was something I really wanted to do. So last Saturday we began the search! I knew that I wanted to adopt one because for one, I couldn't afford to buy one from a breeder, and two, I hate how there are so many animals in shelters...they need loving families and homes!

We started with the Humane Society of Williamson County. All they had were huge dogs, which would be super mean to coop up inside an apartment. So next we headed to the Humane Society of Austin. They had some puppies, but they were labs and would obviously grow to be a very large dog. So, in one last attempt, we headed to Town Lake Animal Center. Walking around, we saw a lot of cute small dogs, but I had my heart set on raising a dog from a puppy. Then we saw them...the three ADORABLE 2 month old puppies!! As soon as we walked up to them, Colten spotted the white one. I loved it! We were called in to the adoption center and we put in our interest on "Courage". The lady gave us a set of keys and a vest so we could go spend some time with him to see how he behaved and whatnot. We went back to the center after that and said that we definitely wanted him!! Turns out that two minutes after we put in our interest, someone else did too. Talk about perfect timing!! So I submitted my application and the lady we were talking to started our paperwork. We got him! He had been neutered the day before and had all of his vaccinations up to date so we could take him home that day!! I was super excited!! We got all of his paperwork and headed over to the next building to pay and pick him up! They brought him out and then we brought him home (after stopping at petsmart to get the essential puppy stuff).

So here we are, five days later and this little guy has stolen my heart! He's so content and playful...and adorable of course. He's only had a few accidents, but the majority of the time, he knows when we put the leash on him and take him out, he goes straight to the grass and goes potty! :). We are currently working on the crate training but that's going to be a long process. He HATES being confined to the bathroom at night and he whines & cries, but he settles down and is always excited to see either me or Colten in the mornings.

We took him to the vet to get a general check-up and the vet concluded that he has pneumonia! Poor guy! He has this dry heave thing going on that breaks my heart, but he's on antibiotics for 2 weeks...hopefully it'll help! But everyone that meets him agrees that he's such a good puppy and he's so adorable! We also decided on "Ace" for his name. I think he likes it! So in all, I love him and I'm so glad I decided to do this! I have a new outlook on dogs now that I never thought I'd have.


JKL?  Yes.  Just keep livin.  Matthew McConaughey started the j.k. livin foundation after he came across the saying while dealing with the death of his father.  The foundation helps teenagers make healthy and smart decisions/choices to become the best men and women they can be.  McConaughey is said to live by this saying, helping him get through the good and bad times life throws at him, and it helps him stay true to himself and what he stands for. 

This saying is SO TRUE.  No matter what is thrown at you, you've got to j.k. livin.  Just keep livin.  If you don't, whatever has got you so down will keep you down, not allowing you to live your life to its fullest.  If you stay down, you'll miss out on life's great opportunities.  I know for me, some days it's hard to keep moving forward, but I always manage to do it!  These days, I feel like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done, which is why I believe I am suffering from exhaustion.  But I finally overcame that today!  After being super productive this morning with class and a LOT of errands, I decided to take a four hour nap.  I usually don't do this because then I feel like I've wasted the day, but my body so badly needed the rest.  After I woke up, I felt amazing!  Yes, it was already five o'clock, but I still have plenty of time to work on my assignment for Legal Research.  I am truly blessed to have my amazing family and friends supporting me, especially when the exhaustion started interrupting my life and disallowing me to do my job at work.  I need to do what's best for me, and right now, that's to just keep livin.  :)

Thank you Matthew McConaughey, for helping me step back from the rush of life and truly see that I need to take care of myself, make smart and healthy decisions, and JUST KEEP LIVIN!!
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