Until Next Time...

This is a really hard post to write. 

I know I've been pretty absent in blog world, both posting and reading blogs, and there's a reason behind it. However, I do not feel that I can put it all out there at this time, or any time in the near future. 

I'm also sad to say that I'm going to continue to be absent from this blog for a while - time frame unknown. I've met some amazing people through this blog and I know that we will continue to talk and be friends outside of it for now. It deeply saddens me to step away at this time, but it's necessary. 

I know this is vague, and I'm sorry. It's just necessary at this time and I pray that this season of life will be fulfilling for me and my family and that God's will be done. Speaking of praying, I'm also asking for prayers! Prayers for peace during uncertainty and comfort through pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance! 

Until next time...

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