The Bobby Bones Show - HUGE Announcement

So now that I have a grown-up job and have to be up at the same time every day & spend at least 30 minutes in the car every morning, I began to have a "morning routine".  That's right, this gal is growing up!  Haha.  Anyway, a big part of that morning routine has become listening to 96.7FM to the Bobby Bones morning show that broadcasts live in Austin.  Are they annoying?  Yes, they have their moments, but don't we all?!  They just have a bond that works for them, and I've found myself enjoying their morning show.  I even put them on my radio in the office once I get here - that's right, no Pandora, no iHeart Radio, no Slacker radio - it's old school radio that I have to tune to 96.7!  However, once it's over, I ALWAYS switch to 100.7 for the country music that helps me get through my day. 

With that said, I was pretty psyched to hear today's BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER by my favorite morning show.  It's been getting a lot of hype since about Thursday or Friday of last week (which has been super annoying, btw), and today was finally the day.  At 7:20a.m. they announced that their last show on the station will be on Friday.  *jaw dropped*.  BUT, the great news is that they are moving to NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE!  They will still be a morning show and EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.THEM are going!  That's right, Bobby, Lunchbox, Amy, Ray, Alana ... they're all going and it'll be the same show and banter that I listen to, only with country music!  I'm sad that they will be physically moving from Austin, but it's a great opportunity for them, and they will be great at it!  Read more about the big announcement here.

So, lucky ol' me gets to listen to the same morning show, AND I don't have to change the station to the country music that gets me through my day once it's over.  Score! 

And if anyone is asking or wants to know or cares or whatever, Bama, Rob & Heather that are the current morning show on 100.7 are moving to KVET 98.1's morning show, and Heather White will be doing midday after the Bobby Bones show on 100.7.  Every station has said they will be posting exactly who is moving where, I just haven't found it yet, considering the news only happened an hour ago!  But I'm also very excited that all of these great things are happening to these three stations, and no one is losing a job! 

This may not be a big deal to a lot of people, but I'll just say that it IS a big deal to me!  There are a lot of morning shows out there, and to find one that you actually like and find yourself following along, including being interested in their personal lives - it's a big deal!  Over the past year, I've felt like I've really gotten to know them, so it would have been sad to not get to listen and follow along AND have to find a new morning show! 

Do you have a morning routine or a favorite morning show? 

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