I have been struggling with anxiety recently, most of which I was unaware I was even experiencing.  But then came the panic attacks, and I could no longer deny it. 
A little over a week ago, I spent an entire day running test after test and going from doctor to doctor; luckily, all of the serious conditions came back negative.  Praise the Lord! 
So the culprit? 
Thinking on it, there's not one thing I'm overly stressed or anxious about, but when you start adding everything all together, WHAM!  It's a lot! 
So, today I went back to the doctor, as our previous treatment plan was very temporary, to control my panic attacks.  But just because those attacks are now minimal doesn't mean the anxiety is gone.  It still hurts.  It's still there screaming away at me.  Kind of like a banshee. 
So, I followed up with my doctor today. 
And let me just say that I am absolutely, 100% satisfied with my new doctor!  This is the second 'illness' I've seen her for since becoming a new patient within the past year, and I'm impressed!  I've never had a doctor care so much or really dig around to find the root of the problem.  I've never had a PCP I actually could stand going to.  She's very personable and relatable. 
And today, she proved it once again.  Not only are we trying a new treatment plan, she quoted Scripture before I left the appointment!  How truly blessed am I?!  I was humbled reminded that I should not be anxious. 
I know that I am not worrying or anxious on purpose because believe me, I'd stop immediately!  It's in my nature, and I've struggled with it before.  It blows my mind how it just sneaks up on you when you least expect it! 
I have no doubt that I will struggle with this for a very long while in my lifetime, as it is in my nature and part of who I am to worry and always please others.  However, I am also very confidant that as my relationshp with the Lord grows, my anxiety will be lessened.  I know that this is just another bridge to cross to reach eternal salvation.  I know that I will overcome this adversity and not fear it.  For God is bigger than my fears!
These are just a few Scriptures helping me through this tough time.  And they are great daily reminders, anxiety or no anxiety.  :) 
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Purposefully Feminine

It's good to be a girl. 

The only possible way for us to live out and champion our Christian faith as women in a culture inundated with feministic ideals is if we are aware of what this faith entails, if we are aware of God's intention in creating us.  At the root of the fminist movement, and still one of the primary concerns of our modern culture, is the inequality between men and women.  This is specifically addressed in Scripture. 

God created man in His own image...He created them male and female.  - Genesis 1:27

We, as women, are worth neither less nor more than our male counterparts.  Adam alone couldn't accomplish the tasks assigned to mankind by the Creator.  Man was in need of a partner, someone who could help him fufill his mandate.  Without her, these endeavors would go undone. 

From the beginning, God placed a mark of importance on women.  There were good because they bore His image and necessary in the achievement of His purposes on Earth.  The touch, experience, wisdom, and feminine heart you bring into your worldly arenas are all required if their outcome is to be what He has purposed it to be.  Women are not only an addendeum, a last-minute afterthought that can be tossed out without notice.  Without your participation and input, much will be lacking.  This was God's intention

Yet, with man's fall into sin and the decay of the human condition, women soon became downgraded and relegated to obscure second-rate status.  Throughout the annals of the Old Testament, we see them failing to be treasured, prized, and cherished as the Creater intended them to be. 

But, fear not! 

Enter, Jesus Christ.  God reaffirmed the significance of women through the life of Christ, who countered a culture that demoted women's importance and value.  He exemplified instead, in the flesh, the true heart of God.  The fourth chapter of John's Gospel highlights just one of many remarkable occasions when Christ demonstrated His regard for women and their inherent value:

A woman of Samaria came to draw water.  "Give me a drink," Jesus said to her - verse 7

The arrival of this woman at a local well where Jesus happened to be sitting presented an extreme problem.  First-century men didn't enter into conversation with women in public, not even their own wives.  So for Jesus to be found speaking to this woman was not only culturally inappropriate but would've been readily perceived by onlookers as scandalous.  More than just a breach of protocol, it was shocking, disgraceful.  But this is Jesus we're talking about.  He not only engaged her in casual conversation but invited her opinions on theological issues that men of His historical age would never have expected a mere woman to be capable of entertaining.  Truly, Jesus left no doubt in His dealings with this divinely appointed individual that women are both important and worthy, as well as fully qualified to be entrusted.  No only did He bestow on her the gift of His salvation, but He also entrusted her with His message to share with others.  She returned home telling everyone what had happened - many Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of what the woman said (verse 39). 

Being a woman was never a curse to be endured or a trait to be tolerated.  It is a gift to be treasured and esteemed.  It is God's chosen way for us to relate to Him as Creator and Father and to demonstrate, along with our male counterparts, the unfolding love story of Christ's relationship with the church (Ephesians 5:22-31).  It's a privilege to be a girl. 

Submission.  For most of society, this is a scary word.  If you're submissive, you're weak; you're unintelligent; you're worthless.  WRONG.  Submission is simply defined as a decision to yield to people, precepts, and principles that have been placed in our lives as authorities.  Some have abused it, yes.  Some have misapplied the concept, allowing husbands to be domineering and their wives doormats.  But if this were God's intention, why would He infuse such great with into you, then demean you into subservience by His own design?  Obviously, this divine arrangement of roles, boundaries, and responsibilities is intended to exude blessing in all directions.  This not only applies to women. 

The employee, whether male or female, must submit to his or her employer.
The citizen, whether male or female, must submit to the governmental authority.
The believer, whether male or female, must submit to spiritual authority.
The child, whether male or female, must submit to the parent.

Just as employees, citizens, believers, and children receive the greatest benefit and perform their most efficient work by willfullly, gratefully operating within their prescribed positions and under proper authority, women experience life to the fullest extent as they exert their influence through God-trusting submission.  You are responsible for how you function within your submitted role.  Consider your feelings regarding this part of your role as a woman.  Are you offended at the thought of yielding to the authority of another?  If you are married, is this something you rebel against?  If you are single, do you take seriously the need to pursue a biblical heart for marriage, should you one day become a wife?  Are you even now pursuing a spiritual covering by seeking accountability with those whose lives you respect, those whose godly maturity can provide you with strong, helpful counsel and direction as you navigate life?  Whether we understand it or agree with it or even want it - nothing can truly and ultimately be enjoyed when we're not willing to remain within our roles and boundaries. By walking within these divinely ordained roels of submission to legitimate authority, we place ourselves inside the protective covering of the Lord, experiencing the freedom that His truth, and His truth alone, is designed to offer. Step outside these roles, and we're looking for trouble. It's just that simple.

A place of freedom and peace awaits every woman who aligns herself with God's design.  It's up to us to expose the lies or our age and to remind this generation of the true beauty and value of the submitted woman. 

As a married woman, I hold this lesson near and dear to my heart.  Do I have to be 100% submissive towards my husband?  Yes.  But does that mean I do not deserve respect and the opportunity to aspire and achieve success?  NO.  You can, and should, be independent if that's how you choose to live life.  It won't be an easy task, but it's obtainable.  I strive to be a biblical wife every single day.  Is it hard?  Absolutely.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely. 

The old stereotype, "that's a woman's job" has been thrown out the window.  You better believe that in our household, my husband actually does a lot of the housework.  Yes, he is a MAN that cooks, cleans, vacuums, washes, folds, and puts away laundry.  He even does dishes and makes the bed.  Is he any less of a man because of this?  Absolutely NOT!  I cherish the fact that my husband is not lessened for doing these things, just as I am not any more inferior for working two jobs.  I see myself as a strong and independent woman (well, independent to an extent of course!) - I am successful, have graduated college, have a 'real-time' job, works a second, part-time job, I'm married, and I get to go home to my husband every night.  It's hard as hell to continue down this chapter of our lives together, but it will all be worth it in the long run.  There are some days that I don't get to see my husband for more than a few minutes in the morning and at night, but it's better than not seeing him at all.  It's better than not being able to afford to pay our expenses. 

I will raise our future children to seek contentment and equality in their lives as well.  If I have a girl(s), then I will do my absolute best to teach them to be biblical women - not to fear aspiring for success and be career-driven.  If I have a boy(s), then you can absolutely bet that I will teach them to seek a biblical woman, who knows her place in God's kindgom and fulfill His will - to know that a future wife will submit to him, but that does not make her a doormat to be stomped on and disrespected. 

One word comes to mind in all of this, and that's balance.  You've got to know how far is 'too far'. 

I am purposefully feminine.  I am a Biblical wife.  I am submissive to God and to my husband.  I know and believe and honor the roles and boundaries that I am placed in.  I also understand that those in positions of higher authority may abuse their power, but that does not make it right for me to step outside of my role(s).  I know that with God, all things are possible, and I will remain on my walk with Him and to achieve His plan for my life.  I will continue to grow in my faith and journey towards a better knowledge and understanding of my place in thie world. 

I resolve to embrace myself as I am.  For I am a woman of God's own image. 

{All quotes in this post are found in The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer.}

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A {Faithful} Reminder

Today, I just want to say that I am blessed, and that I want to and need to remind myself of this. 
I am fortunate and grateful for amazing friends. 
I am absolutely awestruck by my family's strong bond.
I am eternally blessed with an amazing support system (friends, family, co-workers, teachers, acquaintances...). 
I am in pretty good health. 
I know God and live by His will. 
My husband absolutely cherishes me and makes my life complete. 
My parents are encouraging, crazy, supportive, fun, outgoing, loving, and the best role models I could ever ask for. 
My sister is so very strong, amazing, crazy, supporting, and the absolute best sister I could ever dream of having.
My brother is loving, outgoing, strong, fun, supportive, creative, and the most amazing little brother a girl could ever want. 
I not only have one job, I have two. 
My husband and I are making headway on our dreams, goals, and desires in life. 
 I enjoy each day that I'm blessed to see. 
I do not take life so seriously that I cannot fully enjoy it. 
I bask in the joyful moments between my husband, family, friends, co-workers. 
I have faith in humanity. 
I do not live in fear. 
I do not have hatred in my heart. 
I do not question every single thing in the world. 
I trust in God.
I am able to find peace and contentment among the violence, pain, and grief.
My positivity has become stronger and stronger, outweighing the negative aspects of every situation. 
This list could go on, and on, and on, and on, and maybe I should've continued, but today, I just want to reassure everyone out there that no matter what you're going through, it could be worse.  That small melodramatic thing that's pressing on your mind and soul today, let it go.  Move on. 
After last week's terrible tragedies and continued grief, today I'm reminding myself that I am lucky to be alive.  I have so many things to be thankful for and to cherish.  Petty grudges and arguments are not worth it. 
God has a plan for my life, and so far, he's been so, so good to me!  I know that I'm not where I thought I would be at 24, but I absolutely love where I am.  I also know that this is not the end for me and my family - I know that I will ultimately be in a different place maybe even in a few short years, but I will cherish every minute that I am blessed with my loved ones and will not take today for granted.  Yes, it's Monday.  Most people today are sulking and feeling sorry for themselves because it means the beginning of a work-week.  BE THANKFUL that you have a work week!  BE THANKFUL that you get to fully live this day as God intended.  BE THANKFUL that you woke up this morning and have the amazing opportunity to live by His word and make a difference, no matter how small. 
I am worthy of God's love.  YOU are worthy of God's love.  Take a few minutes today to pray to God and thank him for bestowing so many blessings (no matter how big or small, or overlooked) upon your life. 
And I just HAVE to add this from one of my Facebook friend's statuses today:

The moment when peace finds you is when you accept everything for as it is now, not as how it was or will be.

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Praying for West,TX

Was it not just TWO days ago that I was posting on how devastating and heartbreaking a tragedy was that occurred on MONDAY?? 
Yes, it was.
And now, it's Thursday, and my heart hurts all over again! 
Less than 2 hours away from Austin, the small town of West, Texas was faced with tragedy yesterday. 
What began as a fire at a fertilizer plant in West, TX ended in an explosion that registered a 2.1 on the Richter scale.  The explosion was felt more than 45 miles away...
And once again, people's lives have been altered. 
More than 15 people have died, including firefighters and at least one paramedic. 
Over 150 others have been injured. 
My heart and prayers go out to anyone and everyone affected by this explosion.  Reports now state that the cause of the explosion is uknown, although early on it was thought that an ammonia tank had caught fire and exploded.  But until they are sure, they are treating the incident as a crime
Near the explosion site was a nursing home, of which collapsed, leaving several residents lost and stuck in the rubble.  The nursing home and at least half of the town has been evacuated. 
A man was working nearby on the highway, and immediately went in search of people to help after what happened - he ultimately made three trips to the hospital, his truck loaded down with victims.  On his last trip, he took a 95 year-old resident of the nursing home to the hospital.  Her request was that he please go and find her Bible and prayer book.  Out of all of her possessions, those items are what she sought out most. 
Once again, people have come together in the face of danger and tragedy to show their selflessness & heroism, no matter how small.  Once again, we are shown that in desperate times of need, people can and do band together to do what needs to be done. 
The latest:
Apr 18, 2013
11:40 a.m. ET: Speaking to reporters, Waco police spokesman Sgt. William Patrick Swanton said that over 160 people have been injured, but that number could go up.

“I’d imagine that’s increased at this point,” he said.

Swanton also clarified that earlier reports of looting in the area were overestimated, and that there was only one instance of a looter.
“I have confirmed at least there was an incident last night when they thought they may have had a looter,” he said. “It was an isolated incident.”
Destruction in the area had varied, Swanton said.
“It ranges from broken windows to complete devastation. There are homes that are no longer homes … walls were ripped off, roofs were peeled back.”

Swanton told reporters that the cool weather in the area has been helpful, but they want to rescue survivors before rain increases.

“As the hours go by with the temp getting cooler, with rain here, we certainly want to find folks, if they’re in the environment, injured. Numerous search teams are searching as rapidly as they can to save these people,” he said. 
10:31 a.m. ET: Aboard Air Force One en route to Boston, President Obama called Gov. Rick Perry to offer any federal resources that may be needed to assist in the ongoing response and recovery effort.
9:45 a.m. ET: Sgt. William Patrick Swanton, spokesman for the Waco police, said at a press conference that one of the missing individuals has been found, a constable who is also a firefighter. He is currently hospitalized with “pretty serious injuries.”
“We’re still missing 3-4 firefighters,” he said. “No police or EMS are missing, as far as I’m aware.”
Swanton said that the “rough number” of fatalities remains at 5-15, but emphasized that it is still an estimate.
Swanton also said that a significant area of the fertilizer plant had been destroyed, and that homes were leveled as far as five blocks away.

“Homes have been destroyed. Part of that community is gone,” he said.

A small amount of looting had been reported in the area, Swanton said. There are some unidentified people in the area.
“I can’t tell you the number of looters or whether they have been caught … that is a significant concern for us,” he said.

Authorities are now doing a more methodical search — under beds, in closets — and are still in search in rescue mode, and are not yet in recovery mode.
There is no word yet on the cause of the fire, Swanton said.
Lives have been lost.  Homes have been destroyed.  The panic.  The fear.  The heartbreak. 
I do not have a personal connection with West, Texas, but I'm familiar with what it's like to grow up in a small town.  West's population is about 2,700 and is a very tight-knit community, much like my hometown.  The impact of this incident will last for years and years to come.  And the loss of lives and homes and schools will be that much more intense. 
Today, I'm especially praying for and loving on the town of West, Texas. 
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Praying for Boston

My heart hurts. 
Three people were killed yesterday, and over 100 were injured. 
Yes, there was another tragedy. 
This time, at a marathon
Sadly, never. 
There is always going to be crime, hatred, and apparently, terrorism. 
Two explosions went off yesterday at the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring many.  The pictures were horrendous.  I cried. 
Please, please pray for anyone and everyone effected by the mindless tragedy that occurred.  Lives have been forever altered.

Just in the past year, it seems as if these tragedies are occuring more and more frequently.  Shootings, stabbings, bombings ... no one is exempt.  It could happen to anyone, anywhere.  And it's causing a lot of fear in the eyes and hearts of people everywhere. 
This morning I was listening to SPiRiT 105.9 here in Austin and Max Lucado touched on the topic of fear.  He said there are three questions people ask in the face of an event such as yesterday's bombing:
1-Who am I?
2-Is there a God?
3-Does He know me and love me? 
If you can answer these positively, then you have a leg up on confidence and purpose. 
Yes, there is fear.  But that doesn't mean you should consume your life with it.  You can't stop living - what good would that do?  none. It's natural to question God when something like this happens.  But God did not promise that evil would never happen.  The devil has gotten into so many hearts, and so many people are angry.  Instead, turn to love.  Consider yourself blessed to be alive today, and look for something, anything, to do for those facing tragedy and hard decisions.  God has put you exactly where you're meant to be.  Don't throw that away. 
Instead, look for the hope and the love in the face of tragedy.  Look for the heroes. 
Yesterday, there were so many heroes.  Emergency crews worked nonstop to tend to the victims of this tragedy and to keep everyone safe; no one knew if it was over or if more would occur.  Passersby helped complete strangers - applying pressure to bleeding wounds, staying with victims until help arrived even if only for reassurance of humanity in the face of danger, bringing wheelchairs to the fallen, assisting medical crews where necessary.  The people of Boston opened up their homes to complete strangers for those that needed a place to stay and could not return home. 
That's pretty awesome. 
No, that's badass.  God placed those people there yesterday to help, to show their selflessness in the face of absolute fear and horror.
Our nation is not new to tragedy.  It's been happening for many, many years. 
A few that come to mind:
1995 - Oklahoma City bombing (Friday will mark the 18-year anniversary)
1999 - Combine High School shooting (Saturday will mark the 14-year anniversary)
2007 - Virginia Tech shooting (today marks the six-year anniversary)
2009 - Fort Hood Shooting
2011 - September 11th Terrorist Attacks
2012 - Aurora Theater Shooting
2012 - Sandy Hook Elementary shooting
2013 - Boston Marathon bombing
I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and heartbreak that each of these (and more) have cost.  But in the face of all of them, there has been heroism.  Whether it's physically helping victims or families, stopping the murderer, raising funds for victims' families, or praying.  No gesture is too small to help. 
If you want to help out in the current tragedy, the Boston Marathon bombings, please go here
It's hard not to be afraid.  Based on past events, fear is present in just about everything: going to school (whether it be elementary, high school, or college...none have been exempt), going to work, to the gym, to the movie theater with friends or family, a day at the mall, and now, running in a marathon.  It's scary. 
But when tragedy strikes, America strikes back.  We've come back from all of these as a stronger nation.  We spread love.  We spread hope.  We rebuild and help the victims & families back up.  We do not give up. 
So, if you can, hug your children a little tighter, tell your parents that you love them, send that email you've been putting off to your family you haven't seen in a while, get in the car and visit your loved ones, hang out with your friends - even a simple text to let someone know you're thinking about them.  It's not hard, and it only takes a minute to let someone know you love them.  Please don't take that for granted.  Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  Make today count. 
Today, my thoughts and prayers are especially with the victims, families, first responders, strangers and good samaritans of the Boston Marathon bombings yesterday.  They are left with the aftermath of the event, of which sometimes is harder than anything else.  
And since I'm requesting prayers, please also pray for humanity.  Pray that those in need of mental and physical help are in a position to ask for it or to receive it.  Pray for random acts of kindness.  Pray for peace, and for healing.  Pray for love. 
 Today, I'm praying for Boston. 
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Today, I am wishing the most amazing brother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
Saturday, we celebrated Josh's birthday at Olive Garden. And as always, it was a great time! Mom & Dad drove into town and ended up spending the night with Josh. Sometimes, spontaneity works out better than well-laid plans! It was great to see everyone and to celebrate a special occasion.
My brother has always been a very important part of my life, and I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful memories with him!  I know that no matter what, I can always count on him for support and strength.  We've been through a lot, and the trials and tribulations have only made us stronger and closer together.  I will forever cherish my 'little' brother - who's much taller than me and has been for quite some time now! 
I love that no matter what we're doing, he can always make me laugh.  There is NEVER a dull moment with him, and it's truly a blessing.  From even the smallest things, he finds the joy in it all.  And man, the faces that kid makes....

I will reiterate - NEVER A DULL MOMENT!! 

As younger kids, I took him for granted.  I didn't truly appreciate everything that my life was blessed with as a young child, but boy do I now!  I cherish every chance we get to spend time together, even if it's just to go see a movie or grab some food.  I know that our time is precious, and I'm grateful for all of it. 

We have countless memories, a lot of which we still bring up and talk about today!  From turning his ears blue on the bus ride to our grandma's house from school, to *allegedly* putting him in the dryer at home, to supporting him at sporting events, to countless camping trips and long nights - the $500 comfy pants were just brought up on Saturday!  Haha.  I love our relationship, and I look forward to what our future holds - which hopefully includes spending much more time together! 

The sad truth is that we only live across the street from each other and hardly see each other maybe twice a month.  SO SAD!  This must change soon, and I vow to try my best!  Even if that means harassing him until he FINALLY remembers to give me his work schedule, as it changes weekly.  :) hehe...


You have grown up to be such an amazing and inspirational young man. 
You may not see it yourself, but you are a role model to most. 
Your faith is strong, of which I am truly thankful.
Your character is strong and dependable - you are faced with such challenges, of which you always overcome. 
You are loved, and you will never be alone.  I am always here for you, no matter what the circumstances or the time of day. 
I love you and truly do cherish the time we spend together, regardless of what we're doing.
You are an important part of my life.
You are talented.
You are humble.
You are worthy of the greatest gifts.
You deserve the world, and I know you will strive to achieve your dreams.
You bring such joy and laughter to so many people's lives.
And although I may not say it enough - I LOVE YOU! 

My prayer for you is that you continue being yourself and making a difference.  Because even if you don't believe you are, you truly are.  You have such a huge heart and are exactly where God has meant for you to be at this point in your life.  Bigger and better things are to come, all of which you are deserving.  I pray that you continue to find happiness in even the darkest days.  And always know that your family is behind you 100%.  Whether you need to talk, vent, play mindless video games, go out to eat, just get away, or a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for you.  Please don't ever doubt that. 

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Oh, hey {Monday}.

Why hello there, Monday!  Why are you sooooo hard to wake up to?  Hmm...this relationship just isn't working out!  Too bad I'm stuck with you FOR.EV.ER. 
My weekend was a love/hate weekend, to say the least. 
Friday, I wasn't feeling the greatest, and our house had zero food in it, so the hubs and I went to IHOP for supper at 6:00pm like an old married couple.  It was quiet and actually quite nice.  We were able to eat the breakfast food we'd been craving (chicken fried steak and eggs anyone??  with strawberry banana pancakes?? YES PLEASE!) and were also able to spend some alone time together.  Yes, I know we live in the same house, but a little alone time OUT of the house is much needed sometimes.  After supper, we ran a few errands, and we ended up doing some clothes shopping, which was COMPLETELY unintentional, but hey, I'm not complaining!
Saturday, I had to report to work.  Yes, my 8-5 Monday through Friday job required me to show up on Saturday morning.  And only for an hour!  Oh well, it was overtime at least!  Afterwards, I joined my sister and friend in watching The Host.  It was awesome!  I went completely against my nature and saw the movie before reading the book, and I survived!  Definitely didn't see that coming...but now I'm pumped to read the book (hopefully sometime this year) and see just how much the movie left out.  After the movie, my friend and I did some shopping, and we scored at Bath & Body Works...hand sanitizer at 5 for $5.  Please, and thank you!  My friend headed home after that and I hit up the nail salon for some pampering.  It was long overdue and well deserved!  Check 'em out!
I then proceeded home and watched some movies with the pup.  Who knew there was a Pocahontas 2?!?!  Not this girl!  I was flipping through Netflix for inspiration and came across it, so I watched it.  It was pretty good!  Not as good as the first, I admit, but I enjoyed it...15 years later.  Ha! 
Apparently, I wasn't alone!  Good to know... :)
Sunday, I appreciated sleep.  Apparently, I needed a lot.  Colten and I updated our financial spreadsheet, which was in dire need of help.  We had gotten behind for a few weeks, and to be honest, we were scared of updating it to see exactly where we were.  BUT, it turned out to not be so bad, and we've learned a lesson - not to wait forever to update the darn spreadsheet!  All's well that ends well, right??  I'm hopeful!
Colten wasn't feeling well Saturday already, so by Sunday, he was even more miserable.  He attempted to call in to work but it wouldn't go through.  Long story short, there were hurt feelings, miscommunications, and a sick hubs at work all day. :(  I was so worried about him!  But by the time the end of his shift came around, I met him at the store and we went grocery shopping.  He was in much better spirits, so I was relieved!  We bought groceries, headed home to put them away, and did a MUCH NEEDED deep cleaning to our refrigerator.  Seriously, that thing needed some help!  And now I know where that smell was coming from .... oops!  Colten finished his midterm and the rest of his homework, I took a shower, and we went to sleep. 
So, the weekend had its ups and downs, but it's all behind us now as we face this week.  I'm stoked because it's a week off from job #2!  But, it means LOTS of housework...prayers are much appreciated! 
Technology has been testy today.  I have zero motivation.  I still haven't finished that book I so wish to just close the door and read.  And hubs has to work late tonight.  Oh, hey Monday ... thanks for stopping by!
As always, linking up on this glorious Monday with Sami's Shenanigans!
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A {WEEK}?!

Wow, has it really been a WEEK since I last posted?! Yep.. I guess so! 
Since becoming more 'involved' in the blogging community, I've felt pressured and, well, obligated to keep up with posts and to spend so much time reading others' blogs and so on and so forth.  But do you bloggers ever feel that your blogging sucks a lot of time out of your already 'not-enough-time-in-the-day' day?  I DO!
So, I've accepted that it doesn't matter if I post every day.  It's still my blog and it's still all about ME! 
I need to be sure I'm spending adequate time with my husband and our little pup. 

Aren't they just precious?! ♥

I've also been sick this week, so that's had me down in the dumps doing pretty much nothing but sleeping and catching up on some television shows.  I did venture out TWICE this week to the movie theater that's across the wall (seriously, there's a small brick wall ... not even a full wall, more like a 'step' ... from our parking lot to the parking lot of the movie theater).  The first night, Colten and I went with my brother to see the new G.I. Joe movie  Retaliation.  It was great!  Although, I was a little saddened that my man Channing didn't have more screen time... *sigh*.  Oh well, still a great movie!

Then, yesterday, my sister, Colten, and I went to see Olympus Has Fallen.  Oh. My. Goodness!  My heart hurt after that one.  It was definitely a great movie!  But the producers didn't hold back!  It was unpredictable and had me on the edge of my seat for the majority of the time.

 Just when I thought they had shown enough of a certain scene, say, a torture scene, they held the cameras on it even longer, and longer - which made it quite intense!  It's very emotional and it draws you in, so KUDOS to those producers and directors!  And Gerard Butler - AMAZING JOB!  The movie definitely would not have been the same without him as the main character.  However, it is also quite scary to imagine that something like that could happen to the White House in D.C - for the U.S.A. to be THAT vulnerable - crazy stuff!  I walked out of the theater thankful to be alive and thankful to live in such a great nation. 
Today, I am back at work, and was just informed that I need to come in tomorrow to test our new system in the office ... there goes my Saturday morning!  But I'll be getting paid for it, so it's okay I guess, as I didn't have prior plans or aything...I think it's just the principle of being at work on Saturday!  But it's okay, because I'm reconnecting with a great friend whom I haven't seen in way too long, and, you guessed it, we're going to see a MOVIE!  Haha.  I'm excited. 
How has your week been? 
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