{30 before 30}

I know God has a plan for me, and everything happens in His time, but here are 30 things that I want and aim to do in the next five years, before I'm thirty {in no particular order}:

***As these are completed, I'll link to the blog post about it {if applicable}, cross it off the list, and include the date it was completed.***

Kayak on Lady Bird Lake

Make zucchini bread {and have it be amazing, duh}

Create a routine of regular family Scripture study & prayer, and stick to it

'Tour' the capitol in Austin

Be intentional in my marriage

Be a homeowner

Build up to and consistently work out at least four days/week

Visit another country

Donate money to charity

Take a cooking class with my husband

Learn German

Participate in a 5k

Work only one job

Build up our savings account {no goal amount at this time, but keep a lookout for it to come!}

Spend the night under the stars

Project 365: blogged.

Have a paint fight with my husband & photograph it

Pay off at least two student loans

Become a mommy

Fill all frames in our home with actual pictures of people that we know

Learn more about Catholicism

Visit New York City

Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it

Lose a total {at least} of 60 pounds

Take a trip with each of my siblings

Learn to crochet

Attend a small group Bible study regularly

Read 100 books in a year

Become a runner

Visit a winery

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Hilary Mendel said...

All of these are totally awesome goals, but there is one I'm a bit concerned about: make zucchini bread? Really?1 I've seen you "bake". Maybe your goal should be {EDIBLE}. Ha, you know I'm kidding and I love you! You are incredible and you achieve everything you set your mind to! Also, I'm totally down for the trip idea ... you paying?


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