One More Week!

Super excited to only have one more week left this semester! I have an eight page research paper due tomorrow (it's on alcohol use during it's not hard!) and then it's on to next week! I will receive a writing prompt on Monday and will have to write a paper by Wednesday of next week, and then I have three exams next Thursday. After that, I have one final exam on the 13th and I'm DONE! I am so excited! This year has been hell, and it's finally coming to an end *sigh*.

I've been quite lucky though in one aspect of this semester. My 8am class is Theories of Substance Abuse and Prevention -- basically a Drug class. Not once have I dreaded going to this class! I must say, it's a great class to have at eight o'clock in the morning! It's interesting and very entertaining! It's better than having some class that's boring as hell and hard to stay awake in. ;).

So, long story short, I can't wait to have a week of relaxation! It's long overdue.


Kim said...

"Drinking during pregnancy is baaaaaad."

The End. ;)

Glad it's almost over for you! YAY!

Bri said...

That was pretty much my paper! Only nine pages of! I just went into the different abnormalities alcohol causes, especially FAS! Then I talked about March of Dimes and stuff like yeah. Just glad it's over!! It's one step closer to May 13th.

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