God's plan.

So, these last few months HAVE been stressful and overwhelming, but things have finally calmed down :).  Now I am on a normal work schedule, which has helped tremendously.  I never realized that having a somewhat set routine would relieve so much stress and worry!  And I must admit that having a budget spreadsheet for the entire YEAR plays a hugeeee factor in my lack of stress!!!  Mom and dad were right (aren't they always?!) again!  Being able to see our expenses and income for the entire year is amazeballs ... yes, amazeballs!  It's also helped me stress less about finding a job with my degree.  Knowing that we're 'okay' with only my income with my current job is great.  But that doesn't mean I'm not still looking ;). 

I still have a to-do list, but it's more laid back and not as time-sensitive!  There are always things to do, but now I can do fun things in between all of the 'work'. :).  Anyway, it's ALL GOOD! 

And my marriage is AMAZINGGGG!!  Things couldn't be better with me and Colten.  He is the most amazing husband I could have ever asked for.  He's caring, supportive, reassuring, loving ... the list goes on.  I'm a very lucky girl!  And super happy :).  I know it's cliche, but the saying holds true: God has a plan for everyone.  And just because your current plan for yourself isn't going like you'd hope, that doesn't mean He doesn't have it all planned out in the long run.  I know things are still up in the air about jobs and such, but He will get me through it all.  I'm a FIRM believer in it...especially after living it!! 

So.... God is good.  My life is good.  My marriage is good.  What's there to not be happy about?! :) LOVE IT!!! <3

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