It's about that time ...

Is it November yet?!  I can't wait to get married!  But all of this planning sure is fun!  Stressful, but fun nonetheless.  Invitations were ordered earlier this week ... yay!  We didn't end up making our own, but we purchased invitation "kits" so that we can still make it look our own with the wording and color and such.  That was exciting!  Plus, I found Colten's wedding ring today and will be ordering it within the next few days ... as soon as he gets his butt to a jeweler to get his ring size!  There is still soooo much to do and decide, but I'm ready for it (I might regret saying that later...).  But all in all, everything is great! 

As for school, it's going pretty well so far.  It seems like it's going to be a little less stressful than last semester, but that's good considering I'll be super busy planning my wedding while attending these classes!  It's only been the first week, but so far so good!  Fingers crossed it stays that way throughout the semester!  Anyway, that's all the update I have so far! :)

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