Power of Prayer

Prayer is such an important part of my life! It's one of the only things that is with me at all times. Think about it... No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can pray!

Having been through my share of ups and downs, I have turned to prayer for many things. And look where I am today! God has His plan for me and never puts me in a situation I cannot handle. It may be frustrating at times and so easy to just give up, but I pray. I pray that I will find my strength He has instilled within me and will make it through. I pray.

It's also super important to pray not only in times of turmoil and strife, but also those times in life when things are falling in place and going your way! When this happens for me, I pray. I pray to God and thank Him for all that he has blessed me with. I pray for the continuance of this blessing. I also pray that others may find the path to God and are able to be touched by Him in the way that I have. Without Him, I am nothing!

No matter what is happening or what I am doing, I pray. The power of prayer is so significant, but it is often overlooked. Slow down. Take a few minutes to reflect upon what the Lord has blessed you with, including the important people in your life. Take a few minutes...and pray.

Tonight I pray that those who are struggling in any way find the strength to stand up and trust in Him to get through it. Tonight I pray that He continues to guide me down the path that is my life and instills His strength in me. Tonight I pray for good health of my family. Tonight. I thank God for having given me another day to live, to dream, to hope, and to plan my future with my love. Tonight I thank Him. For everything!

The power of prayer.

It's so significant. Do not overlook it anymore. I know I don't.

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