Makeup Malfunction

I'm sooooo tired of my old makeup routine!  Blehhhh.  So, yesterday I decided to go in a new direction! :) I have rosacea and am constantly aware of it.  If I could find a makeup that would have amazing coverage and STAY all day, I'd be super happy! 

I decided to try out the bareMinerals makeup line! It's supposed to cover rosacea and not "cake" up like so many makeups I have high expectations to say the least.  I know I have a while until the wedding, but I won't be having my makeup professionally done that day, for one, because I'm getting married in Schulenburg and there isn't a service like that around there, and for two, if I would try to get someone to professionally do it there, it would cost an arm and a leg ... and I'm quite fond of my limbs :). 

I bought the starter kit, which includes three brushes, two shades of foundation, a mineral veil, and "warmth".  I'll be trying it out today for work, and if all goes well, I may be investing in "beyond the basics" and go with their eyeshadows and blushes :).  You never know!  It's definitely a more expensive makeup, but if it works as well as I'm hoping and have been told, then it's definitely WORTH the money.  Especially after I've fought with trying to find a really good makeup for what seems like forever. 


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