A Long Time Coming

Can you blame me?!  I've had SO MUCH on my plate lately that I sometimes forget to even breathe (ok, not REALLY, but you get my point).  Working two jobs (one being an internship that is AMAZING), attending class, keeping up with school work, trying to graduate, AND plan my wedding ... gives me a headache just thinking about it.  Let's just say these past few months of my life has been a blurrrr...

The internship really is amazing.  I couldn't have asked for a better position to be in regarding a school internship position!  I couldn't have landed in a better department.  The people at Crime Victims Services truly do amazing work, and to be a part of that is astounding!  It's also opened my eyes to the bigger picture.  Everyone knows that there are the evils of the world out there and that it 'could' happen to you one day...but most of the people we interact with on a daily basis never thought it would be them in the position either!  Every victim I've talked to has mentioned 'I never thought I'd have to be doing this and going through this...I don't know what the process is.'  And it's my job to ease their minds (as much as possible) and help them understand what we do and how it's done.  However, there are still those people who think it happens in an instant, and they don't want to hear that it will take MONTHS until it is all said and done.  But then again, we ARE a compensation program ... we don't give the money up front.  In all, a GREAT experience for sure! 

The wedding plans are going amazingly well.  If it weren't for my parents, I'd be lost!  They have helped with so much with this wedding ... I will never be able to express to them just how much it means to me to have my special day and dreams come true.  I've also never been so excited for anything in my ENTIRE LIFE!   I'm getting MARRIED!!!!!!  November 12th is just around the corner...with only TWO weekends left to get things done!  Luckily, as I mentioned already, my parents are amazing and keep truckin' along with me to get everything accomplished.  My mom has been 'nonstop wedding' since a few months ago.  It was easy to do a little bit here and there, but as of late, it's eat, sleep, BREATHE wedding.  And for that, I am truly blessed and very thankful!  And Colten and I are doing better than ever.  I truly can't wait to call him my husband. <3

As for school, it's there.  :).  I graduate in December and will be on to bigger and better things.  I can't wait!  Come January, I will have graduated and will be a married woman...and life will belong to me again lol.  I'm going to have so much time I won't know what to do with it!  But everything will work out and be fine. 

Until next time ....

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