I just finished watching "Cyberbully" on ABCFamily. And I couldn't help but react to the movie. Although I haven't personally been victimized by cyberbullies in such a way, I am so thankful for a network like ABCFamily to broadcast a movie that portrays the effects and realities of such things that young adults go through TO the young adults. Like a character said in the movie, "It's like it's not real, and you don't even realize that you're doing it."

There are so many things that young teens and children go through while growing up, and with the world being so much more high tech, the means by which bullying can happen are immense! I'm so glad that this network has upped its level and is bringing awareness to these issues. So many people watch these shows and movies and they can impact their lives in so many ways.

Like I said, I was even effected by the issue in this movie even though the lengths to which something like this had happened to me were minor. It's just nice to know that light is being shed on the situations and people are taking the time and effort to help those whose lives have been damaged by these issues.

Thanks ABCFamily. For making it easier to know that you're not alone in facing these problems or dealing with issues like cyberbullies. And for reaching out to those victims in a way that you have made possible. I love the websites and hotlines that are made available during and at the end of a movie or episode that deals with different issues. You never know how someone will respond to certain situations, but to have that help available is amazing.

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