So, yesterday was Colten and I's ten month anniversary!  After I got home from class, he told me to get ready and he took me up to Mount Bonnell.  It was gorgeous!  It's very pretty in the day, but way more romantic as it gets darker.  :).  So we were just sitting there looking at the water and talking and just enjoying being together.  Then he stood up, and then he got down on one knee.  He gave his little speech about how he's enjoyed these past ten months together and how much we've grown together.  I could tell he was nervous because he kept saying, "You know that?" after each statement he made.  So, then the waterworks started (from me, of course) and then he asked me to marry him.  I was in shock...but after a few seconds, I said yes.  Immediately upon my saying yes, fireworks went off across the lake.  They were not planned whatsoever, but they were totally awesome!! So then we walked to the other side of the "mountain" and sat on a cliff overlooking the water and just sat there and talked.  It was totally romantic!  After a little while, we decided to go grab a bite to eat at Olive Garden.  Then we came home and enjoyed just spending time together!  That doesn't happen very often considering Colten and I have complete opposite schedules.  When he's at work, I'm sleeping.  When I'm at work, he's sleeping.  And in between there, we go to school.  So it was much needed time together and I loved every minute of it. 

So, now I'm engaged and couldn't be happier!  We are in no hurry whatsoever to get married and want to wait until we become more financially stable.  We are in a good spot right now and are very happy with that!  So I'm on cloud nine and am super excited that things are so amazing right now!  ♥

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