So, I have this job, right?  Well, this week I worked (well, I will have after today's shift) 35 hours.  When I saw my schedule, I really didn't mind it seeing as it was Spring Break and I could earn some extra money.  Well, Friday I got my schedule for this upcoming week...and I'm scheduled to work 37 hours!!  That's only three hours short of full-time.  If I wanted full-time hours, I would have applied for full-time work.  Anyway, yesterday after coming off of break, I went up to the manager in charge to see which register he wanted me on, and he asked how everything was going and if I had any questions.  Of course I had a question!  I explained to him that I am scheduled for 37 hours next week (starting tomorrow) and asked if I was going to continue getting so many.  He asked how many I wanted and I said low twenty's would be good.  So, long story short, I settled for no more than 25 hours and he is putting in a work rule on my name so that I don't get scheduled for more than 25.  :)  This made me very happy!  Of course I will LOVE the paychecks from these two weeks, but it's overwhelming to work so much and go to school full time.  I'm taking three law classes, plus two other classes...I can't afford to get behind and start doing bad in school...again.  So, I got it all figured out without pissing anyone off, which is always good!

But, I really wish I didn't work today!  My shift is from 1:30 to 10pm tonight.  I have a speech to give on abortion and hate crimes on Thursday, a major midterm on Tuesday for my law class, 3 cases to brief for contracts, and a book to get reading and write a paper on by next Tuesday.  Needless to say I could just use the time today to get stuff done instead of going to work...again.  *sad face*  But it's okay.  I can deal with it for one more week, and then hopefully everything will work out again.  I just really didn't want to be working so many hours, especially when finals come around!!!  Ok, I guess my rant is over so I can get some of the aforesaid work done! :)

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