When you talk, all I hear is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

I've had ENOUGH!  I've been employed for a few months now, but I have no money in savings to show for it!  In my own defense, I admit that I haven't been employed in a while so having my own money has been amazing, so obviously I spent a lot of it when I didn't necessarily need to or have to.  But on the other hand, I've had enough!  I'm done wasting money on fast food restaurants and stupid things at HEB on breaks...Finished!  Starting today, I set a goal to eat better and save my money better.  So far so good!  I made a list for the rest of the week, and Colten and I went grocery shopping in between classes earlier today.  So now I have NO REASON to spend money for the rest of the week except for gas :).  And maybe to get some stamps to mail mom's mother's day card!  I'm ready to have food in the house again and to save my money.  And it all starts now! 

On another subject, I only have about a week and a half left of this semester, and the stress begins!  I'm really worried about my Intro to Law class.  His exams are BOGUS, but I made an A on the midterm...so hopefully I'll do pretty well on the final!  I'm fed up with him though.  This professor goes off on rants about nothing important to the class.  He's gone off on World War II stuff, random Berlin information, random facts and tidbits about some cases he's been a part of, where he goes to conferences and what he does in his spare time.  One would think that the cases he talks about would relate to the topics discussed in class, but they're not.  I feel like I'm teaching myself this information rather than being taught by him.  I've had enough.  I dread this class every week, and thank goodness this is the last lecture class.  I have the final next Tuesday and then I'm DONE with him! :) Yay!  And after next Thursday, the semester is OVER.  This law stuff has been a pretty good change of pace for me.  I've been doing very well in all of my classes (which is a change from my kinesiology classes) and I'm understanding all of this law stuff.  I'm taking Criminal Law and Evidence over the summer, so it'll be interesting!  So far so good!  

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