Brain Overload

Now with wedding plans underway, there is SO MUCH running through my head these days.  This past Saturday, we went to David's Bridal to try on some bridesmaid dresses so that we could FINALLY decide on the color scheme for the wedding.  Well, not only did we decide on the color scheme, we narrowed it down to three possible bridesmaid dresses, and we chose the junior bridesmaid and flower girl dress.  Whew!  We got a lot accomplished!  And of course, I couldn't be in there for so long and NOT try on wedding dresses ... so I tried on about 5.  And I fell in LOVE with the second one!  Too bad it's $1250.  Yikes!  The sales lady said that it could possibly go on sale for $99.99.  If that happens, it's SO MINE! But with that running through my head and just all kinds of other wedding details brain is a mess.  Plus, I received an email last week about a job opening.  A law firm downtown is looking for a part-time paralegal working about 20 hours a week.  SCORE!  I made my resume today and sent it in, so there's definitely a possibility of a job interview this week!  This could be the beginning of my law career.  *fingers crossed*  I really hope I have a shot at this.  Only God knows.

So, between all of the wedding plans and the possible job interview ... it's a mess.  Let's hope for the best!

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