Truly Blessed

Although some days it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's always there.  Just when you think things can't get any worse, they probably do, but the good news is that once you hit rock bottom, things can only look up!  After dealing with everything that has been thrown at me, I am in a truly amazing place right now and I thank God for everything He has given me.  In only a year, my life has changed dramatically ... FOR THE BETTER! :).  I am engaged to the sweetest, most romantic man on the planet that truly loves me for who I am, I have the most amazing family that supports me through absolutely everything, and I have awesome friends!  I am doing amazing in school right now, and I really believe I've found my calling!  This law stuff is really clicking with me and I just got two A's over the summer session in Civil Litigation and Evidence.  I'm pretty proud!!  Ever since I changed my major, things seem to be looking up.  So I know it's meant to be! 

As far as work goes, I know I'm not in the place I would like to be, but I also know that it will come in time.  God has His plan for me, and in order to get where I want and need to be in order to support a family and be TRULY happy to settle down, I have to go through the hardships and the tough, laboring work so that I will appreciate it that much more when that time comes for me to move on to better things.  I am just thankful to have a job right now in this poor economy and super hard & competitive job market.  :) 

Life.Is.Good. :)  Right now I'm just keepin on keepin on and look forward to starting this fall semester of school.  That's one more closer to graduating!  I know I'll only have an Associates Degree, but that may be all I need, and I'm okay with that!!  I also am super proud of my parents for getting through all of this house stuff.  And I'm soooooo happy for them!  I can't wait to see the final product and for them to get to move in.  They definitely deserve it and it's wayyy overdue! :) 

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