Today was an amazing day!  For the most part, I was pretty productive considering the day started out pretty late (because I slept til 11am). Hehe.  I was in no mood whatsoever to do much of anything considering it was my day off from work and I didn't have school to worry about.  However, that changed!  I began cooking chicken alfredo for a late lunch and got fed up with the mess in this apartment.  So, I cooked dishes and cleaned the entire kitchen.  I also worked on the living room somewhat, which is to be finished tomorrow.  Colten also helped a lot with cleaning up and just picking up around the place.   After we ate, we decided to go swimming.  After weeks worth of attempts, the water was FINALLY warm enough to be comfortable enough to swim in!  : ) YAY!  So, for three hours, we swam.  Instead of using diving sticks, we used quarters to throw in and hunt down, which gave us something to do so we wouldn't be bored after only thirty minutes.  It was a great way to just relax and have fun.  We haven't got to spend time together like that in such a long time.  It was way overdue!  I absolutely loved every minute of it!  Of course, if I would have let him, Colten would have stayed in there for AGES!  That boy is a fish, I swear!! Haha.  We also took a few pics and this one is by far my favorite one!  I played with it a little using ColorSplash on my iPhone :).  Haha!  Anyway, then we went for a little walk and came home and just relaxed a bit more and watched the new Prince & Me movie.  It was cute!  So basically today was awesome and much needed.  I definitely got my dose of Vitamin D! : )  And my dose of fiance time!  : )

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