Awesome Weekend

This weekend was pretty awesome. Besides the fact that I had to open at work on Friday, it was all fun! Colten's mom drove up to Austin for a visit and ended up spending the night. We hit up Subway and HEB and just hung out at the apartment for a while. I also couldn't fight it anymore and ended up taking a nap. Haha. Colten also rented Wheel of Fortune on the wii. That afternoon, we also went for a little hike down the trail behind our apt complex. Pretty awesome views! Anyway, Saturday morning rolled around and we had a late start but it felt good to sleep in a bit!! We left for PetsMart, where Leslie bought some fish for Heather and also decided she wanted a tank and some fish! So we got her hooked up and she found a great deal on the tank. After PetsMart, we took the fish back to the apt and then headed to Mount Bonnell! We also took Ace. It was great exercise for anyone and I was super fun! GORGEOUS views! I hadn't been there since April when Colten proposed! :). So after that, we headed home for some enchiladas and more wii time. Eventually, Leslie headed back to Yorktown and Colten and I took a nap. I was exhausted!! Here are some pics from the mountain!!

This last pic is one from our hike on Friday. Pretty awesome!

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