FeArS and wHaTnOt

I am still on CLOUD 9 for having gotten an internship for the fall!  Working for the Attorney General's office is a chance of a lifetime!  Although I won't be working with him personally, it's still an honor to have been chosen for a position in the Crime Victims Services Division.  I know that I will be helping those who have suffered violent crimes.  I'm very excited and cannot WAIT to get started!! 

Although I am super excited for this opportunity to begin, I'm also very worried.  The internship is unpaid (which I'm fine with, because in this economy, experience trumps the pay right now).  I didn't hesitate when I was offered the position.  However, this means that I won't be able to work as much at my current job.  I will have two part-time jobs, but the one I will be paid for will be working less.  I know that this is an amazing opportunity, but I will suffer financially.  I know I will be okay, and I know that student loans will get me through, but I still don't like it.  But the important thing is that I accept it.  Taking this internship means getting a foot in the door and starting on my journey as a paralegal!! And I couldn't be more excited to do that!  This is my opportunity to really learn what it's like behind those doors.  I've been preparing for this for at least two years now, and it's finally here.  And I know that I need this to get a job and earn a good paycheck to pay back those student loans.  Oh, the life of a college student! lol.  Everything will be fine in the long run, but that doesn't mean that I can't be a little uneasy about money .... who isn't?  Oh yeah, the ones who have it made!  But I love my life and where I'm at ... and I love the path that God is leading me down.  He knows what I can do and has my future all planned out for me.  And I love knowing that!  :) 

I'm so blessed with where my life is and for the people in my life.  I know that I am supported through everything and that my family and friends are behind me no matter what.  I may have bouts of nervousness and uneasiness, but I get through those and everything turns out fine.  I just have to keep my faith in Him and know that He is in charge of my future.  He has gotten me through everything so far and I am a better person for having been through all that I have. 

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