God is Great!

Today was a fabulous day! Spent the morning with Colten. I made eggs & coffee and we relaxed watching some missed tv episodes. Then we decided that there's no time like the present to begin our journey down God's path together and deepen our faith! We headed to a Family Christian Store, and I was in Heaven! :) They have everything from t-shirts to jewelry to home decor to church supplies to greeting cards!! We spotted the rosaries (not a huge selection) and I spotted the one I wanted immediately. Purple, shiny, PERFECT! I love it. And Colten found a very cool and modern black one...totally him! He was so excited, which made me very happy!! We also spotted a clearance section and each picked out a keychain that we immediately put on our keys. Colten also really wanted a necklace. I was sad I couldn't afford a pricey one he really wanted, but he settled for a small cross-inside-a-cross pendant and chain that he grew to love. And he's worn it ever since, which it's only been a day, but that's something!! I definitely know where to go for Christian items in the future.

After work, I printed out a "How to Pray the Rosary" for Colten to follow along and for me to refresh my memory! Then, we sat down together, turned the tv off, and prayed the rosary. It was amazing. I never realized that Colten really does have a strong faith, and he's finally letting it show and be proud of it! I really see a very bright future for the two of us and our faith. We plan to pray the rosary on a daily basis. And if we don't have time together, then we will pray it separately, but it will still get done. I really do think this will help bring us even closer together, especially spiritually. I am so grateful for what Engaged Encounter opened our eyes to. <3 Love my life! <3

Our new rosaries! We love them :).

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