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So, I'm a little late, but what else is new?! Ha! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I was sure to take a moment to reflect on everything that I am thankful for. Since November has started, I've seen post after post referring to things people are thankful for each day of this month. I didn't participate (let's face it, I probably wouldn't keep up with a daily post anyway...), but that doesn't mean I'm any less grateful or thankful than everyone else! So, now I'll post 30 things I'm thankful for in my life, in no particular order:
1. Health - I have my share of problems regarding my health, but for the most part, I'm pretty darn healthy! I don't have any major disorders or diseases, and what I am hit with, I am able to handle and get better in a flash (although some 'flashes' take a bit longer than others)
2. Mind - In the field I currently work in, I am reminded on a daily basis of some people's reality, and it's very scary. I am truly thankful that I am of sound mind. I do not have an alternate reality that only I live in, and for that, I am truly blessed and eternally grateful.
3. Work - For some, it takes months, and even YEARS, to find a job with their degree. Nowadays, it's not just about going to college and obtaining a degree - you have to also join the hundreds of thousands of people on the job hunt in order to put that degree to use! I am forever grateful that I was fortunate enough to have landed a job within only 2 months of graduating college.
4. Memories - Just think if memories did not exist... Seriously, contemplate that for a second, or even a few minutes. Now, it would be terrible, wouldn't it?! Memories are sacred moments of time that you can reflect on at any time. Especially in losing loved ones, memories help us to remember them and to cherish the time you spent with them, no matter how long ago.
5. Family - I could fill a 500-page book writing about my family and how important and influential they are to me. No matter the situation, they are always there for me 100% and support me through it all. Whether it be financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically - they're there. Always. And always (well, almost always) without question. I know that no matter what I'm faced with in this lifetime, I can count on my family to be there to face it with me: good or bad. We enjoy the happiness life has to offer, and we face the saddness that sometimes succumbs us. Not everyone can say that about their family. This world can be pretty scary, especially if you have to face it alone. On the darkest of days, my parents and siblings were there to show me the light. They always helped me to see the silver lining of any situation.
6. Food - As anyone who knows me, I love me some food! And usually, I'm not very pick, either. There are so many unfortunate souls that do not have enough food to nourish their bodies, and my heart breaks for them.
7. Rain - I know that here in Texas, it doesn't happen very often anymore, but I'm just thankful it happens at all! It was scary for a while there, but rain has nourished the earth once again, allowing trees and plants to flourish.
8. Holidays - Although they are stressful, I absolutely love the holidays and am thankful to get to spend them with loved ones! My favorite holiday is Christmas, which is no secret! I love the excitement of putting up the Christmas tree and decorating until I collapse. I love the colors and SO.MUCH.GLITTER that comes with it all. Then there's the shopping to put a smile one someone else's face! So joyous! I also love the cold that comes with it. There's just something in the atmosphere during the Christmas holidays that is utterly amazing - there are just no words. It's cold, there's Christmas spirit in the air, everyone is bustling about making plans and getting together, snuggling in front of the fireplace, watching Christmas movies....I could go on forever! I love it.
9. Friends - I've struggled with this topic for a little while, and off and on throughout my short 24 years, but I am truly thankful for the friends that I have. No matter the situation, I always have a friend that I can turn to when I'm in need, even if it's just for support. Although there isn't just one friend for everything, I have a lot of friends for it all! And for them, I am thankful. Let's face it, it takes a lot to put up with me ;).
10. Post-It's - I recently posted on Instagram my love for post-it's, and it's true: I love them! I'm so thankful for them because they help make my life [and job] so much easier! Most of the information I need to jot down is temporary - and what better way to do so than on post-it notes?! I obviously can't think of a better way.
11. Music - Without music, life would be boring (yes, I know not everyone has the luxury of listening to music)! It definitely livens up my life. It also helps to calm me down or get my mind off of things. Whether I'm mad, happy, sad, upset, silly - there's always a genre I can turn to in order to help with my mood. It's glorious!
12. God - God is my savior! Without Him, I do not exist. I do not eat, breathe, sleep, cry, or dream. He puts thorns in my life to allow me to struggle and become of better character. If He puts me to it, He gets me through it! I do admit that some challenges are way harder than others, but I always come out of the other side thankful for the storm. There's a reason for everything, and although it may be hard to accept sometimes, God has His plan for me, and I accept that and put my total faith in Him. I continue to grow closer to Him and allow Him to light my path in this journey through life.
13. Heart - I have a BIG one! I love so many people and so many things, and when someone is down on their luck or struggling to complete even the easiest task, my heart breaks. My heart feels for homeless people and animals alike, for those in need of food, that live in poverty, those stricken with any type of medical disease, for the lonely...I'm making myself sad just typing them all out! The list goes on and on. However, even though it causes sadness, I'm thankful for my big heart. It allows me to feel and give to those that otherwise are neglected. I do what I can when I can, and it's very rewarding.
14. Technology - Who knew that the invention of the computer would have come so far in such a short amount of time? Everything in life has its pro's and con's, and technology is not exempt from that, but technology makes our lives so much easier and more efficient. I realize that it's the cause of our fast-paced world, but there must be progress in the world, and technology continues to progress year after year! I mean, come on...I can see someone that is miles and miles away! I live two hours from my parents, but I can see them anytime I want (mostly anytime I long as we're both connected to wi-fi haha). That's special. And a blessing when you're homesick or have to be away from your loved ones, whatever the reason.
15. Social Media - This kind of goes hand in hand with the technology, but I am thankful for social media. It helps to keep in touch with those we would otherwise lose contact with, and it also is quite entertaining! Additionally, it makes getting news out to people faster.
16. Marriage - We spend our lives in search of that one person we are going to spend 'forever' with. I am eternally thankful to have found my 'someone'! We've had our share of ups and downs, but Colten truly makes me a stronger person and is the most amazing husband I could have ever wanted for myself. I am blessed to have been able to marry him and continue our lives together.
17. Life - I am thankful to be alive! Every day is a blesing and we should cherish it as such. It's so easy to take for granted each and every day, but it is so important!
18. Pictures - The art of photography and being able to capture a moment in time is precious! I admit that I am addicted to photography and am always in love with the ability of those special moments we hold in our hearts to be displayed for all to see.
19. Small Towns - Growing up, I was not thankful for this, but as I've matured and grown up, I am truly thankful for small towns! The city is fast-paced and impersonal. Yes, everyone knows your business before you do in a small town, but it has charm and comfort that you can't find anywhere else.
20. Extended Family - My extended family is also there for me and my immediate family, no matter what. We all have our differences, but when it comes down to the wire, they're present and extending a hand wherever it's needed (most of them anyway). I also am thankful that our extended family gets together for every Holiday throughout the year. Being surrounded by family so often throughout the year is something that many people cannot relate to. I know that it's precious and I absolutely love that I'm a part of such a great tradition. Of course there's always the dullest crayon of the bunch, but we're all family and I love everyone in mine!
21. Blogging - Obviously, I do have somewhat of a life and cannot live on my blog each and every day, but I am thankful for the ability to share my life story and experiences with others in a way that I wouldn't be able to without my blog. I mean, face it, my life would suck without me ;). *see what I did there? HA!*
22. Books - Oh my word - what would I do without books?! Whether it be a physical book or an ebook (which my love for grows stronger every day), I am thankful for authors and publishers that grant me the opportunity to dive into someone else's life for a little while-whether it be for a few chapters or a couple hundred pages-and forget my reality just for a bit. Most of the time, it helps me to appreciate all that I have and the drama-free(ish) life that I live. I'm a book whore - and I love it!
23. Country - This topic is two-fold. I am thankful for THE country - as in, the land with open space and cows and chickens and sky and trees (a.k.a where I grew up). It is so peaceful to spend time in the country where there are no stresses to worry about: parking, traffic, noise, strangers, etc. I am thankful for every day that I get to go back to that place and run wild and free (okay, we all know there is no running involved...). The second part of this is that I am thankful for country MUSIC! It pretty much sums up life. Love, hate, life, death, tragedy, cheating, breaking up and making up, cowboys and pick-up name it and there is a song for it! It always puts me in such a great mood. Yes, I'm a country girl and damn proud of it! *no matter which city I may live in*
24. Little Things - I am truly thankful for the little things in life. I don't have to live an extravagent life and take a zillion trips across the world to be happy. I love living a simple life. And I cherish the little things.
25. Laughter - We all know there are many days that just don't go your way. We all have them, most more frequently than we'd like. But laughter always brightens my day. Whether it be at the office or at home or just a phone call, laughing always makes me feel better, and for that, I am thankful!
26. Faith - Without faith, I would not put such trust in God, and I would be miserable. I am thankful that I am filled with faith in God that He has a plan for me to live a happy and prosperous life.
27. Education - As much as I disliked it, I am thankful for the education that I've had the opportunity to possess. Without it, I would not be at a job that I love with such amazing co-workers. It wasn't the path I saw for myself the entire time, but it was all worth it in the end!
28. Love - Without love, how happy can you truly be? Whether you love your friends, family, neighbors, pets, spouse, significant other, God, educators, co-workers.... love is fragile and should be cherished. Love is abundant in my life in every aspect that I can think of, and for that, my friends, I am utterly thankful - words cannot express just how much.
29. Crazy - "Crazy?" you ask? Yes, crazy. I am thankful for crazy. Not the mentally crazy that you're psychotic and don't know what you're doing, but the crazy that allows life to be more than a boring routine of work, home, sleep, repeat. I'm thankful for the crazy that is in my life. One thing that comes to mind when I think of 'crazy' is my family. We are crazy. We will act crazy, say crazy things, DO crazy things, it's all there. And I love it! And it's amazing. And I am thankful for crazy.
30. Unanswered Prayers - We all have those prayers we make when we think we know exactly what would make us happy at that particular time, but I'm thankful for those prayers that went unanswered. I will reiterate that everything happens for a reason, and what we think may make us happy may turn around on us and make us totally miserable. God has His plan, and if the prayer went unanswered, it was for a reason. Without everything I asked for in life, I am truly happy with who I am today and where I am in my life. I'm not perfect and I don't have a perfect life - believe me! But I'm happy. And who knows if I'd be happy of those prayers would've been answered? I don't, but I'm thankful for them.

Of course I am thankful for much more than this, but I feel this is a great list that includes a wide variety of things I am thankful for. I'm also thankful for the holiday of Thanksgiving, in which we are especially reminded to be thankful for what we have. It's easy to forget sometimes...we all do it. So, give thanks and be appreciative of everything you are blessed with throughout the year! I know I am and will.

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