Popping the Question

Yes, it's DECEMBER already!  And with that comes commercial after commercial regarding 'that special someone' and gift giving, etc. etc.  Most of these commercials are jewelers - of course!  This time of year also brings about the cliche of proposing during the holidays.  DON'T DO IT! 

I'm not saying I don't believe in proposing to your significant other when you feel it's right and you're ready, but I have a few reasons why proposing this time of year might not be the best idea.  I've done a little research into it, and I've come up with three main reasons why NOT to propose during the holidays.

1. Pressure

With the abovementioned commercials constantly hammering away at your subconscious, there is a lot of pressure to get your special someone something, well, SPECIAL!  And a special gift is important, as it will be memorable and she/he will be very grateful for your thoughfulness in taking the time to do something special or worthwhile instead of just something practical or impersonal.  With that said, the pressure of the commercials and retailers reminding you that the gift needs to be special, too many people give in and decide to make the holidays the time to pop the question to their loved one.  Don't give in to the pressure! 

2. Predictable

Proposing to your special someone during the holidays is also very predictable!  Yes, guys, she sees the same commercials that you have, and if you're at that point in your relationship, how is she NOT thinking about it?  That's true, she probably is, but that's not because of the commercials and pressure.  It's because she is at that point in your relationship in which she can picture spending the rest of her life with you!  I promise you, it's not because of the holiday season and the special 'air' about this time of year.  Don't be predictable!  Don't fall into the cliche that so many others do!  If she's the love of your life, make it a surprise!  You both deserve to have your own day.  Don't mask your engagement with the stress and bustle of the holiday season. 

3. Timing is Everything!

Don't just fall into the trap of being guilted into propsing this time of year.  Timing is everything, in that you both will have the story to tell your future children, grandchildren, and other relatives for years and years.  Make it a special day that otherwise is overlooked.  Show her that she means so much to you not only during the holiday season, but every other day throughout the year.  I'm all for giving her a special gift for Christmas, but proposing shouldn't be it.  Just think about it, how are you going to top that gift next year?!  Be creative and make it a surprise!  Don't be a cliche.  Don't give in to the retailers' tricks.  If you purchase that diamond ring during the holidays because it's on sale or you gave in, fine.  But don't propose until the new year.  You'll be grateful later! 

Thinking of this also surfaces memories of my proposal, which I absolutely cherish!  It was April 19, 2010, and I had gotten out of class early (Contracts with Duane Crowley - loved that class, hard as it was!).  I was very exhausted and had gotten home to Colten, looking forward to just relaxing.  But noooo...Colten told me to get dressed (wasn't I already?? yes..but not well enough apparently).  He then drove out to Mount Bonnell and had me climb ALL those stairs!  But it was all worth it!  We went to a quiet corner and then he gave his speach - he was nervous and kept stuttering - it was so cute!!  He brought me to tears immediately, as he is not usually so open with his emotions and feelings.  Then, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring!  I said yes immediately and gave him the biggest hug ever!  It was amazing.  He later admitted that he was nervous because he wasn't sure of what my answer would be - sooo cute!  Then, fireworks went off across the lake (completely unplanned but very special nonetheless)!  It was dark by this time, as it was after 8:00, and it was so romantic just overlooking the water and not having any other care in the world.  I was so happy.  Then we headed to the car to make several phone calls.  My parents were very happy for me, as were my brother and sister and grandparents!  His family was happy as well.  It was amazing!  And luckily, it was still early enough to head over to our favorite restaurant (Olive Garden of COURSE!) for dinner.  It wasn't anything overly dramatic or super planned with lots of expensive gestures - it was just him expressing his love for me in a very intimate and romantic way on just some random day when he couldn't wait another day without knowing whether or not I'd spend the rest of my life with him.  And it was amazing.  And it was our day.  The hardest part was waiting a year and a half to become his wife!  But it was all worth it, and a story I will always cherish.  It's 'our' story.  <3>

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