House of Night

I've read the Harry Potter series and the whole Twilight saga, but I must admit, the House of Night book series is seriously amazing.  Seriously.  I just finished the 5th book of the series and I'm very tempted to get dressed, get in my car, get gas because it's practically on empty, and drive down 183 to go buy the next book, Tempted.  Ironic huh? :).  But seriously, I started reading the first book about 2 weeks ago, and I'm already onto the last one of the new installment.  Yes, it's so bad ass that P.C. and Kristin Cast continued it with an installment!  From beginning to end, each book has captivated me, and it's all I could think about!  I haven't done this much reading in a long time, which is good because I've missed it and I'm done with school for 5 weeks and I deserve to do a little reading for fun!  And fun it is!  It's so refreshing to be able to just sit down with a good book and get lost in it, and then to pick up the next book of the series and get lost in that one too!  I'm pretty sure Colten is sick of me reading...but I did get him interested in this House of Night series that he's like 100 pages into the first book, Marked! :).  Heck yes!  Anyway, these books sort of remind me of a Twilight/Harry Potter mix (which is why I mentioned them earlier), but it's wayyy better! In my opinion anyway.  So, I'm just throwing this out there so that more people can be introduced to the House of Night and Zoey Redbird (yes, there's some Cherokee Indian stuff in them too...along with the whole vampyre moving to a place away from humans...).  Definitely a good read!

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