Truckin' Along.

Only 2 more days of stress and tests and then it's another semester down! :). I'm excited for Christmas break ...4 Christmases, starting next weekend on the 19th, LOTS of family, and 5 weeks off from school! How can I not be excited about that??

I'm also looking forward to spring semester because I'll be starting my paralegal classes! Changing my major might just be what I've been needing for a long time! I haven't been this excited for school in quite some time, so ignore all of that excitement because when it comes down to it, who the heck is EVER excited for school??

Oh, and my apartment is B.A.D.A.S.S. Just sayin. It's by far the best apartment I've had since moving to Austin. It has a fireplace and vaulted ceilings. Hello?? GORGEOUS! I love it even better now that it's freakin clean as heck because Colten is amazing and cleaned it on his days off while I studied my ass off for finals this week. Plus, I have our tree up and the Christmas decorations, so again ... GORGEOUS! I love it, in case that wasn't obvious. I also love living off of Mopac and in North Austin. It's a very nice change from Downtown and 35. I don't like that it's so far to Hilary and Josh's apartment, but it gives me a chance to do my own thing, so it's good.

My relationship with Colten is amazing, to sum it up in one word. Next Saturday we will have been together for 6 months! It seems shorter than that but longer at the same time. I know, it's weird but whatever. I have never been so happy with anyone, so all is good! We care about each other and don't piss each other off (that's an AWESOME characteristic of a relationship don't ya think?). We also have never really had a big fight, which to me and compared to all of my past relationships, is the best thing ever! Of course we have mini-arguments (and I mean MINI), but it's healthy. And he never gets mad and storms off...we talk everything through until things are okay. :) Long story short, I'm happy! And I'm pretty sure he's happy too... :). And we both deserve to be happy, so that's all that matters!

Ok, enough ranting. It's time for me to get back to studying for my 2 History tests tomorrow. And after that, I have a Government final, a Chem final, and a Chem Lab final .... and then I'm officially done on Thursday at 1:15pm. Yay!

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