As if attending college wasn't expensive enough, textbooks have to be OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive, especially specific books geared towards your major, such as my law books.  I will be starting three law classes next week and each one needs at least 2 books ... making my total for textbooks to be over $600 this semester.  That's crap!  It's ridiculous to spend that much, but there's no way around it.  I just thought it was time to vent, so there ya go.

On a different note: Grey's Anatomy is amazing. :) Oh come on, as if you hadn't already known that?! Ha!  I just watched the last episode of last season and it still hits me every time, even though I already know how it ends.  This show really makes you sit back and really think about your life.  Well, to me anyway.  The relationships between the characters is awesome, and it really makes the show amazing, for lack of a better word.  :)

Well, that is all! :)

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