Home Is Where the Heart Is

So, I felt maybe I should head home for a weekend before I get engulfed with school & homework & projects.  I got here around 11:45 this morning and found my parents in the wooded area in front of where they are planning to build their new house.  I walked over to them, secretly hoping they would take a lunch break...for one, I was starving, and for 2, I wasn't too keen on the idea of helping...okay, maybe NOT so secret ;).  Anyway, they did, and the chili mom made for lunch was amazing!  Seriously, you've never had chili unless you've had it like that!  We got to watching some t.v. shows on the food network (Worst Cooks in America is another one of my new favorite shows) and decided to go back out to work on the trees some more.  This time, I went with them with the mindset to help.  Dad had even bought me my own pair of gloves! :) Yay!  I went out there and actually had a good time!  It felt so good to be out here in St. John, where I spent 18 years of my life, and to be in the fresh air doing some good, manual labor.  I'm also really excited for them to start building on their new house.  They deserve it and have needed it for so long! :).  Anyway, long story short it feels good to be home and to spend some time with my parents again.  It's been long overdue.  Now, it's on to doing some homework while the chicken fried steak is made and gets ready for me to EAT IT! :) lol.  It's also a great way to start off the new semester!

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