So far, so good

As of tonight, I have been to all of my new classes except one, Legal Contracts.  It's also the one I'm dreading the most.  Anyway, so far I have been pretty lucky in the classes that I have chosen and the professors I get to "deal with" this semester.  Both of my law professors seem really laid back and interesting, as opposed to many of the "stiff lawyers" people have the pleasure of dealing with.  Both of these professors are, in fact, lawyers, but they are down to earth guys and they make it seem like this semester won't be so bad.  So I'm hoping anyway. 

As for my speech's going pretty well so far.  It's the class I'm taking with Colten, but today we all were divided into five groups of five and have to sit with decided groups, and me and Colten aren't in the same group.  Sad face.  But the class so far seems to be going okay.

Government is a different story.  I'm taking it as a hybrid class, which means 50% of the material is lecture once a week, and 50% of the material is online whateverness.  I found out today that we have to participate in discussion questions online as well as creating a blog, yes, a BLOG, and use it to post our opinions and ideas of certain topics that Mr. Seago is going to throw at us.  Fortunately for me, this blog is to be made using Google's blogger.  Yay!  It's what I'm using for this blog so I already know how it works.  SCORE! 

So, it's going to be an interesting semester.  I'm just going to have to stay on top of things and see how it goes! 

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