Apartment hunting!  Yep, it's that time again.  Although I still have about 5 months until my lease is up here, I have to be thinking of the future.  I'm trying to get a job (haha...not going so great), and it got me, Colten brought it up a few weeks ago.  We are planning to officially move in together in July.  But the thing is, once he gets the rest of his stuff in this apartment, along with all of the junk I have, we would be very crammed in this apartment.  So, we are officially looking for a new apartment.  We found one in the hill country, west of Austin, and it's awesome.  We are going to have so much space, it's exciting!  Lol.  Of course, I'm also very excited to continue living with Colten.  We are very happy together and I feel that this is the right move to make.  Anyway, hopefully we will find something we fall in love with and get going on the packing.  :)

It seems that I move every year (well, I have moved every year since I left for college).  But, at the end of every year, I'm at a different place in my life which causes me to need to move to a different apartment.  First, I moved out of the house and got a small one bedroom apartment downtown Austin to be close to UT campus.  After that year, I was ready to have some roommates, so I moved in with Randi and Chelsea.  After that year, it was time for me to get back into my own place, so I moved to where I am now.  And then Colten came along, so it's going to be time to pursue that path.  Whew!  So, there you have it.  Hopefully this next apartment will be the one I stay at for a few years at least.


Kim said...

lmao! You always say that you're gonna stay and then never do! You're addicted to moving. C'mon admit it! ;)

Bri said...

Yeah I know. But I'm always at a different part of my life that causes me to move. Plus I haven't found that perfect place yet! Hopefully this next one will!

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