I Love My Life

What a great day! For one, I got to sleep in, which is always a great thing! :) Second, the weather is absolutely gorgeous!  Usually, I don't mind staying inside and getting stuff done, but I just HAD to get outside earlier, so I took Colten to eat at Freebird's...haven't been there in FOREVER!  It's so pretty, and it's not even officially spring yet! Ha! On another positive note, I didn't have to work today.

Work has been kicking my ass.  I'm always super exhausted when I get home after a long day and never feel motivated enough to get anything done.  With it being Spring Break, I wouldn't mind it, but I have a lot of homework that needs to get done, so it's definitely not helping!  BUT, I can't complain "too much."  I absolutely love every Thursday when I get paid :).  I love having more financial independence!!

So, today is basically just a great day. I've got Slacker Radio goin on my laptop, I'm not watching tv (which always distracts me), the weather is beautiful, I'm getting lots accomplished, I'm nice and full from Freebird's, I have an amazing boyfriend, an AWESOME family, and badass friends...hello?! What could be wrong?! :) I love my life. ♥

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