Monthly Marriage Goals {August Results}

Linking up for the Marriage and Relationship Goals link-up with Amberly and Kalyn.  This link-up happens weekly, but I am going to commit to it monthly instead.  It's more reasonable with the amount of time I have to devote to journaling my goals and updating them.  So, here we go!
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 Marriage & Relationship Goals
This month I was determined to focus on my husband's love language. For my husband, he feels most loved through acts of service. For him, actions speak louder than words. And it's time for me to admit that I did not accomplish this goal as much as I had anticipated. However, I also didn't fail. It's a work in progress, I suppose. Let me explain. 

This month was hard! Ugh. Just thinking about it truly makes my head hurt! My dear, sweet grandfather passed away earlier this month. Also, I've been dealing with my dental emergency, which physically, emotionally, and spiritually took a toll on me. I'm still dealing with it, but with much less pain. With that being said, the focus in our marriage has truly been that of support this month. I honestly and truly have not been allowed [physically] to truly show my husband just how much I love him by hammering down on his love language. BUT, I did my best, and that's what counts! 

My husband really does notice when I take care of even the smallest chore. He was at work while I took the opportunity to do the dishes and cook dinner. Boy was he super happy when he came home! It really did show me just how much actions speak louder than words for him. Several more days this month, I was able to perform small tasks [i.e. laundry, cleaning up, dishes, etc.] instead of my husband having to tend to it, and each time, he was truly thankful and repeated that 'I didn't have to'. Yes, sweet husband, I did! It also makes doing the chores every now and then more meaningful and motivates me to do them, even when I'm totally and utterly exhausted from working both jobs. I believe it's also because a lot of the housework falls on his shoulders week to week due to our current job situation, so having one less thing for him to take care of at home really means a lot to him. Note taken! :)

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Rachel S said...

Sorry to hear about your grandfather!! Sending positive thoughts your way! Also props on the dishes and dinner..the men folk love that!

Haley said...

I'm sure he appreciates every thing even when it's small. That's the beauty of being in love and being a part of a good marriage.
Sad news about your grandfather.. And then your damn root canal debacle! Tough month.. Here's to looking at a new month, with a new Loooooove Goal;)
Maybe it's time to buy something cute and sexy for hubby. They always enjoy their wives looking sexy for them! (He'll be like love language.. huh!? Come here and plant a kiss on me.)

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