August Cara Box {Reveal}

cara (car-rah) noun : beloved friend
Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals hosts the Cara Box Exchange every month. Well, she used to. The rules are changing a bit, so go check it out! Basically, you get paired with two women to get to know for the month. You send a box to one of them, and the other one sends a box to you! I've met some amazing women through this exchange, and I look forward to continuing my participation in this amazing exchange! This is only my second time to participate, and it was awesome, just as before! Go here to see my June Cara Box experience.
I was paired with Raewyn over at Warrior Queen and Jessica at A Different Kind of Plan. This month, Kaitlyn did a phenomenal job and paired everyone with someone in their age range and marital/child status. Both of these girls have amazing men by their side, just like I do! Head over to Raewyn's blog to meet this amazing girl and check out what I sent her. She's currently in wedding planning mode and is getting married on April 19th of next year! Girl, that's just 8 short months away! Good luck! :) But this girl seriously got me through some rough times this month. I look forward to keeping in touch with her!

I received a box from Jessica, and boy did she go all out! Seriously, she really outdid herself! She sent numerous items for a romantic spa date night in: sleep mask, bath soap, face masks, loufa, candles... wow! I can't wait to use this stuff! Maybe this weekend...we shall see!

She also wrote the sweetest note - sorry the picture is a little blurry - that really melted my heart. Thanks so much, Jessica! This girl really picked up on the big, true things in my life. Although, I've also been told I'm pretty transparent...oops! Oh well - that's what a blog is all about, right?! :)  

This girl also sent me some amazing lists and post-its! As an avid list-maker - I'm in love! These will most definitely come in handy, and I've really been needing some new ones, so it's perfect!

She also included these Chihuahua tissues - because this month has been terrible to me, and, as she put it, it's okay to cry. Well, why not cry into these amazing tissues?! So super sweet and absolutely precious! And I had a good laugh - thanks Jessica! Perfect timing.

I also received two big bars of chocolate that may or may not have been devoured immediately. A girl after my own heart, I must say! They were delicous ;).  Also included was some under eye cream - I'm super busy in my life and there are many, many nights where I don't get enough sleep which equals tired eyes and dark circles. If I fall in love with it, it better not be too expensive, or my husband may not allow it, and we can't let that happen! Fingers crossed :). 

I had a great experience this time around and I just love meeting new people! But, I must admit, I'm very excited that Kaitlyn has decided to change up the way she runs this exchange. Instead of it occurring monthly, it will be a span of three months. Let's face it, two weeks to get to know someone and then send a box of goodies to them is just not enough time! Especially when life happens. I admit I had to send my box to Raewyn a few days late due to my dental emergency, but thankfully she still received it in time! I look forward to coninuing with this wonderful exchange. I'm so blessed to know two more amazing women around the U.S. and to have found Kaitlyn's blog that allows me to meet amazing women! If you haven't participated yet, I strongly urge you to! September's pairings will be based on location, so I'm excited to maybe get to know some Texas women! And, if you're not a blogger, you can still participate! That's right - she will pair you with another non-blogger and y'all can still have the same experience. Seriously, what are you waiting for?! :)
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Haley said...

Wow, what a sweet girl!!! You really did get spoiled. Isn't it amazing to "meet" these complete strangers online and.. to have them send such thoughtful things. It's truly amazing. I'm part of a Snail Mail Collective. I sent a little souvenir package to a woman in Tanzania, Africa. We are only supposed to spend five dollars but I spent over 20. I didn't care.. it's FUN getting mail and especially from somewhere foreign!
I'm glad she put a smile on your face. Do you go in for your canal tomorrow?! If so, sending positive blessings your way! You'll be great. DON'T WORRY!! :)

Jessica said...

Glad you enjoyed it girl! You deserve it- now go spoil yourself!

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