It's About That Time...

And just like that, it's Monday, again! The weekends just fly by faster and faster. And because of that, I like to really enjoy the time I get with my family and friends on the weekend when I'm not worried about work. Which leads me to a weekend recap!  

My poor hubby has been fighting a pretty sick cough for the past few weeks, which intensified tremendously on Friday evening! Too bad it was too late to seek medical attention at an urgent care walk-in facility... He promised he was okay enough to make it through the night, although his wheezing progressively worsened {only he would know if he needed to go to the ER}. Luckily, he was able to get some sleep that night, but he had to be at work at 5am. He left early and I took him to the walk-in clinic inside of the HEB Plus - RediClinic. He was seen fairly quickly, was diagnosed, prescribed medication, and sent on his way. Poor thing has bronchitis and a sinus infection! Wowza! Once we went back to tell his boss he would not be working the rest of the day, I took him home, medicated him, and tucked him in bed! I think he slept for more than 12 hours straight - he needed rest! He's slowly been getting better over the past two days, but why is it that men tend to be such awful patients?! There's absolutely no pleasing him no matter what I do! And he said yesterday was a 'boring' day - we ran errands and took care of some chores that needed to be done. He felt awful but didn't want to lay around in bed anymore...ugh. I sent him to the redbox to pick out a movie, and that seemed to do the trick! But man! It reminds me to be oh so thankful that he doesn't get sick too often :). 

That afternoon, my mom and her friend headed to Austin for a little girls' day with me and my sister! We went shopping, which obviously meant we'd be hitting up Maurice's. Favorite. Store. Ever! Afterwards, we headed to the mall for the rest of the evening, scoring some pretty awesome purchases along the way! It was fun, and it was great to just get out of the house for a few hours to hang with the girls. I also now have this here beauty gracing my new car! And, it smells like a frosted cupcake. Can we say amazing?! We wound down with dinner at Olive Garden, which was delicious! Their 'eat one, take one' option is pretty awesome! For $12.99, I was able to eat an entree & salad, and take home an entree for Colten! Win-win!

Sunday, I slept in late, and I'm not ashamed! I've been extra tired this past week and waking up super early every day has just taken its toll. I chose to not set an alarm that morning, and I woke up at 10am. It was glorious! Then, we went grocery shopping and took on a car repair ... it was only a headlight replacement, but in my new car, you have to go in through the wheel well, which was a total pain in the butt for my sick husband! Ugh! But he was a trooper, and after about an hour and two trips to the auto parts store {because the guy gave us the wrong bulb the first time...}, it was done! Yay! 

Last week was also a big moment for me, as I said goodbye to my trusty car! We definitely got our money's worth out of it, but it was time for it to go! She had over 270,000 miles on her and was still going! Pretty amazing feat if you ask me... I am completely blessed to have had it still going for as long as we did, and for God's favor and amazing timing when the new car came around. It's not 'new', but it's new to me! It is also truly glorious, as we were preparing {and saving} for a pricey car repair, but now we don't have that expense looming over us! God is so good! Although the car was still running, it wasn't dependable. I always worried every time I got in it to drive to work or to the store that something else would go wrong. Let's just say I was very cautious. Now, that burden is gone, and for that, I am so grateful! 

So, I took care of my sick husband, spent quality time with the girls, and crossed off several tasks from my to-do list this weekend. I'd say it was a weekend well spent! Here's to another great week ahead! 

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Haley said...

Boys ARE such babies. They always, always deny it.. but they are the worst. Pouting .. "so sick" you know, compared to the time when YOU were sick, it's really nothing in comparison. (Yeah, right..) Well good on you for taking care of ol' sicky pants. I'm sure you repaid him for taking care of you with your tooth emergency last month.

Donna said...

Dropping by from Sami's Link Up! That air-freshner is adorable! And bonus points for smelling like cupcakes, I need to get my hands on one of those asap!


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