It's Friday! It's Friday! Hallelujah, IT'S FRIDAY! 
For some reason, this has been a particularly llooonnnnggggg week! And I, for one, am very happy to see it come to an end! But I also can't believe October is almost over! Eeeeek! Y'all, Thanksgiving is only a month away! And then it's Christmas! Why oh why does the holiday season have to go by soooooo fast?! I think I'm going to have a case of the holiday blues come January.  I digress.

And now, it's time for some 5 on friday, and all of its glamorous randomness!

1// Is it terrible that I literally cannot think of anything right now other than the fact that it's friday and the beautiful weekend is just around the corner? No? Okay, good!

2// I really don't understand why so many people are still complaining about the new iOS 7 for iphones. Yes, there are glitches. Yes, it's slow at times. Yes, it's annoying when you just want the thing to WORK. But, it's new. And as with all things new, it takes time to figure out the glitches and errors. I believe there have been two, if not three, additional updates to fix the bugs that were in the rollout. Be patient, people! {btw, I'm loving the new iOS. Change is good!}

3// Why in the world does being a cashier at a grocery store take such a huge toll on my nails?! Seriously! Not only can I not have my nails painted because they chip so bad at work, but when there's no polish, it dries out my nails and they look {and feel} awful! Ugh!

4// I created this little beauty to get me more in the Halloween spirit! It's been gracing my phone this past week and I love it! We can't really afford to decorate our home for every holiday, so this is about all the 'halloween'ness that is in my life right now.

5// I'm pretty sure this is the first time ever that I did not watch Grey's Anatomy the night it aired. Seriously! I usually come home from job #2 and stay up to watch it because, let's face it, I'm addicted to this show! But last night, I was just so tired and I let my exhaustion take over. I watched a quick show that was already recorded and went to bed. I think I'm having withdrawls from not seeing last night's episode! I'm doing my best to stay away from any spoilers!

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Jen said...

I had the same trouble with my nails when I was waiting tables- all of the tapping to input orders on the computerized, touch-screen took its toll. And the years I cleaned 10 house/week for a living... just as bad. Now my husband's constantly marveling over my nails- well, I'm not doing anything that causes breakage. One thing you can do is rub lotion into your nails whenever you're putting it on your hands. Even better, any excess moisturizer left on your hands after applying it to your face, rub that into your nails! It helps!

Haley said...

Happy Friday to you!
I never watched Grey's Anatomy but it's definitely on my list of shows to watch one day. I hear all about things happening here and there, but I never remember because I don't know the characters.
I remember when I was a cashier, the turkeys would dry my hands out so bad at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm not sure what they're packaged in, but it irritated my hands!!
I can't believe that October is almost over too. Craziness.

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

My nails are driving me crazy too!

Also, totally borrowed your image you made for my phone background. It is SO CUTE! Great job! You should post it on pinterest♡

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