We're {BLUE}!

This weekend was a blast! Exhausting, but a blast nonetheless. And yes, it's a weekend recap on a Tuesday! I know, I know...the nerve! Oh well :).

This weekend was based solely on the #cousinfanclub. Yep, that's right! Our cousin, Haley, plays college soccer and we spent the weekend in Dallas supporting her! We're awesome, I know! We left Friday afternoon {we're seriously devoted, because we all had to be at work early in order to leave early to make the game! And by early, I mean like 5:30 people!}and drove to Commerce for the 7pm game. Of course, we hit serious traffic in Salado and we were struggling to make it to the game on time...which meant this girl had to get aggressive {cue cheer: be. aggressive. b-e aggressive. b-e a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e. be. aggressive!} with my driving skillz. Luckily, it worked, and we made the game! ASU won 1-0. :-) and we even were able to get a super close-up of her actually looking at us! Hooray for grass seats!
Since it's a super long drive for the team to travel and the next game was in Denton, the team stayed in a hotel. Well, we did too, but not the same hotel. We stayed in Lewisville. Luckily, we were able to spend some time with Haley while they had some down time - score! So, we hit up the mall for a while, and entertaining it was - to say the least.

I just love my brother's elephant ring...super sexy! And, well, Haley was rockin that bowtie! Seriously, fun times with all of us around! There's hardly ever a dull moment. We were able to take her out to eat and we ended up at Olive Garden. Is there really anywhere else that would do us justice? Nope. We didn't think so, either. Moving on... We then watched a movie in our hotel room until we had to take Haley back to her team :(. It was pouring rain at this point and we had to find one of her teammate's house, since she lives in the area. Eventually, after several different people with phones to map out the drive, we made it! Whew!

After dropping Haley off with her team, it was time for the #cousinfanclub to get to work! We headed to Wal-Mart {where else?!} to buy supplies for signs. As soon as we walked in the door, we saw it - the hair dye! They had all of their Halloween stuff out and there was a giant display of spray-on hair color. And of course we jumped right on that! We bought several cans of blue and one of gold glitter. Yes, this was about to happen. We also purchased several posterboards {in bright neon yellow}, sharpies, glitter, and then we saw them - the tie-dye kits and shirts! We ended up with white shirts and blue tie-dye supplies - we went all out!  There was no holding back. Once we got back to the hotel room, we got right to work! Yes, we tie-dyed shirts and made glitter posters in the hotel room, and it was awesome! None of us had ever tie-dyed shirts before, so it was pretty amusing to say the least.  The next morning, we had to be up at 5am to rinse out the shirts that had to set for 6-8 hours according to the instructions. Then, we set out {at 6am in Dallas} for a laundromat to wash and dry the shirts. So, just picture it. We're sleep-deprived, none of us are morning people anyway, and we are hunting down a laundromat to wash tie-dyed shirts to wear to our cousin's soccer game. :) 

The shirts came out okay for the first time doing it - none of them really ended up being what we had in mind, but they were cheap and it was just to support the blue ASU team, so they worked out just fine! Then, it was time to dye our hair blue. And blue it was! That stuff smelled so terrible...we had to run out of there on multiple occasions just to breathe in fresh air. According to my sister, it smelled like cancer. That was the only way she could describe it, although cancer doesn't have a smell. Just typical 'us' being us. NBD. So, at that point, we had blue hair, and we were covered in glitter. Josh was taking a nap and it was time to wake him up and blue-ify him. Yes, it's a word, just go with it ;). But before doing so, we set out to Wal-Mart again {after we were blue, mind you} to search for blue lipstick. Lucky for us, we didn't find any, but the stares we got for having blue glittered hair and blue tie-dyed shirts were hysterical! It's definitely a must and we'd highly recommend it. Ha! So, back to the hotel we went to recruit Josh to our blue group. Once we were all blued out and packed up, we checked out of the hotel and headed to Chili's to eat, since we still had a few hours until the game started. More stares. Awesome. But I don't blame them, there was a pack of blue people just chillin' out, eating some lunch. Ha! And we kept commenting, "We're BLUE!" to each other, because every time we'd look at each other, we'd bust out laughing because we couldn't believe just how blue we were! Seriously funny stuff. The things we do for family! :)

We headed to the game to cheer on #26! And we definitely stood out - I mean, we were BLUE! And not just blue, but bright ass blue. Sooo much blue. And sooooo much glitter! We could probably be seen from the space station. Ahahahhaa! Funny stuff. Seriously. So we sat through the game on a grass mountain and cheered on for ASU. It was a great game! Both teams were aggressive and were making great plays. Ultimately, however, ASU lost 2-1. And as soon as Haley walked up to us, her words were, "Y'all look crazy!" Ha! Success on our part :). Crazy and supportive and blue was just what we were going for! Winner winner, chicken dinner. She took a super quick shower so we could talk with her a while before they had to load up the bus and head home. It was so good to see her again and to be able to support her in the only way our family knows how: show up, and be blue! No other way to do it, in my opinion. She of course had to get a picture with her blue #cousinfanclub...memories we'll cherish forever!!

We then started on our 4 hour drive back to the ATX and got home around 9pm. We made the drive entertaining as to stay awake and not be bored out of our minds with the lack of things to look at - there were so many small towns and just openness...we kept spotting La Quintas {because that's the hotel we stayed at} and Cracker Barrel's {because that's the restaurant the team ate at on Friday night} all the way into Austin. It made for some laughs. 

In all, we had an awesome weekend all hanging out and supporting Haley on her soccer venture. She's a great athlete and we love watching her play! It was great to get out of Austin for a weekend and just have some crazy, random fun. :) I think she appreciates it, too.

And, just to give you a few close-ups of just how blue I was....

*And it did wash out pretty easily! Just two shampoo's and a lot of scrubbing took care of it!

Dallas soccer weekend was a huge success! :)
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Cait said...

Oh my goodness!! It sounds like y'all had a blast! I've done the blue thing before for my high school. But you guys were a lot more blue than I ever was!! Glad you had a great weekend!

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