Oh, hey {Monday}.

Why hello there, Monday!  Why are you sooooo hard to wake up to?  Hmm...this relationship just isn't working out!  Too bad I'm stuck with you FOR.EV.ER. 
My weekend was a love/hate weekend, to say the least. 
Friday, I wasn't feeling the greatest, and our house had zero food in it, so the hubs and I went to IHOP for supper at 6:00pm like an old married couple.  It was quiet and actually quite nice.  We were able to eat the breakfast food we'd been craving (chicken fried steak and eggs anyone??  with strawberry banana pancakes?? YES PLEASE!) and were also able to spend some alone time together.  Yes, I know we live in the same house, but a little alone time OUT of the house is much needed sometimes.  After supper, we ran a few errands, and we ended up doing some clothes shopping, which was COMPLETELY unintentional, but hey, I'm not complaining!
Saturday, I had to report to work.  Yes, my 8-5 Monday through Friday job required me to show up on Saturday morning.  And only for an hour!  Oh well, it was overtime at least!  Afterwards, I joined my sister and friend in watching The Host.  It was awesome!  I went completely against my nature and saw the movie before reading the book, and I survived!  Definitely didn't see that coming...but now I'm pumped to read the book (hopefully sometime this year) and see just how much the movie left out.  After the movie, my friend and I did some shopping, and we scored at Bath & Body Works...hand sanitizer at 5 for $5.  Please, and thank you!  My friend headed home after that and I hit up the nail salon for some pampering.  It was long overdue and well deserved!  Check 'em out!
I then proceeded home and watched some movies with the pup.  Who knew there was a Pocahontas 2?!?!  Not this girl!  I was flipping through Netflix for inspiration and came across it, so I watched it.  It was pretty good!  Not as good as the first, I admit, but I enjoyed it...15 years later.  Ha! 
Apparently, I wasn't alone!  Good to know... :)
Sunday, I appreciated sleep.  Apparently, I needed a lot.  Colten and I updated our financial spreadsheet, which was in dire need of help.  We had gotten behind for a few weeks, and to be honest, we were scared of updating it to see exactly where we were.  BUT, it turned out to not be so bad, and we've learned a lesson - not to wait forever to update the darn spreadsheet!  All's well that ends well, right??  I'm hopeful!
Colten wasn't feeling well Saturday already, so by Sunday, he was even more miserable.  He attempted to call in to work but it wouldn't go through.  Long story short, there were hurt feelings, miscommunications, and a sick hubs at work all day. :(  I was so worried about him!  But by the time the end of his shift came around, I met him at the store and we went grocery shopping.  He was in much better spirits, so I was relieved!  We bought groceries, headed home to put them away, and did a MUCH NEEDED deep cleaning to our refrigerator.  Seriously, that thing needed some help!  And now I know where that smell was coming from .... oops!  Colten finished his midterm and the rest of his homework, I took a shower, and we went to sleep. 
So, the weekend had its ups and downs, but it's all behind us now as we face this week.  I'm stoked because it's a week off from job #2!  But, it means LOTS of housework...prayers are much appreciated! 
Technology has been testy today.  I have zero motivation.  I still haven't finished that book I so wish to just close the door and read.  And hubs has to work late tonight.  Oh, hey Monday ... thanks for stopping by!
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