I have been struggling with anxiety recently, most of which I was unaware I was even experiencing.  But then came the panic attacks, and I could no longer deny it. 
A little over a week ago, I spent an entire day running test after test and going from doctor to doctor; luckily, all of the serious conditions came back negative.  Praise the Lord! 
So the culprit? 
Thinking on it, there's not one thing I'm overly stressed or anxious about, but when you start adding everything all together, WHAM!  It's a lot! 
So, today I went back to the doctor, as our previous treatment plan was very temporary, to control my panic attacks.  But just because those attacks are now minimal doesn't mean the anxiety is gone.  It still hurts.  It's still there screaming away at me.  Kind of like a banshee. 
So, I followed up with my doctor today. 
And let me just say that I am absolutely, 100% satisfied with my new doctor!  This is the second 'illness' I've seen her for since becoming a new patient within the past year, and I'm impressed!  I've never had a doctor care so much or really dig around to find the root of the problem.  I've never had a PCP I actually could stand going to.  She's very personable and relatable. 
And today, she proved it once again.  Not only are we trying a new treatment plan, she quoted Scripture before I left the appointment!  How truly blessed am I?!  I was humbled reminded that I should not be anxious. 
I know that I am not worrying or anxious on purpose because believe me, I'd stop immediately!  It's in my nature, and I've struggled with it before.  It blows my mind how it just sneaks up on you when you least expect it! 
I have no doubt that I will struggle with this for a very long while in my lifetime, as it is in my nature and part of who I am to worry and always please others.  However, I am also very confidant that as my relationshp with the Lord grows, my anxiety will be lessened.  I know that this is just another bridge to cross to reach eternal salvation.  I know that I will overcome this adversity and not fear it.  For God is bigger than my fears!
These are just a few Scriptures helping me through this tough time.  And they are great daily reminders, anxiety or no anxiety.  :) 
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Caravan Sonnet said...

So sorry to hear that you are struggling with this right now. I can only imagine how difficult that this is to deal with. I will be praying that this will go away quickly!
:) Rebecca

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