Praying for Boston

My heart hurts. 
Three people were killed yesterday, and over 100 were injured. 
Yes, there was another tragedy. 
This time, at a marathon
Sadly, never. 
There is always going to be crime, hatred, and apparently, terrorism. 
Two explosions went off yesterday at the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring many.  The pictures were horrendous.  I cried. 
Please, please pray for anyone and everyone effected by the mindless tragedy that occurred.  Lives have been forever altered.

Just in the past year, it seems as if these tragedies are occuring more and more frequently.  Shootings, stabbings, bombings ... no one is exempt.  It could happen to anyone, anywhere.  And it's causing a lot of fear in the eyes and hearts of people everywhere. 
This morning I was listening to SPiRiT 105.9 here in Austin and Max Lucado touched on the topic of fear.  He said there are three questions people ask in the face of an event such as yesterday's bombing:
1-Who am I?
2-Is there a God?
3-Does He know me and love me? 
If you can answer these positively, then you have a leg up on confidence and purpose. 
Yes, there is fear.  But that doesn't mean you should consume your life with it.  You can't stop living - what good would that do?  none. It's natural to question God when something like this happens.  But God did not promise that evil would never happen.  The devil has gotten into so many hearts, and so many people are angry.  Instead, turn to love.  Consider yourself blessed to be alive today, and look for something, anything, to do for those facing tragedy and hard decisions.  God has put you exactly where you're meant to be.  Don't throw that away. 
Instead, look for the hope and the love in the face of tragedy.  Look for the heroes. 
Yesterday, there were so many heroes.  Emergency crews worked nonstop to tend to the victims of this tragedy and to keep everyone safe; no one knew if it was over or if more would occur.  Passersby helped complete strangers - applying pressure to bleeding wounds, staying with victims until help arrived even if only for reassurance of humanity in the face of danger, bringing wheelchairs to the fallen, assisting medical crews where necessary.  The people of Boston opened up their homes to complete strangers for those that needed a place to stay and could not return home. 
That's pretty awesome. 
No, that's badass.  God placed those people there yesterday to help, to show their selflessness in the face of absolute fear and horror.
Our nation is not new to tragedy.  It's been happening for many, many years. 
A few that come to mind:
1995 - Oklahoma City bombing (Friday will mark the 18-year anniversary)
1999 - Combine High School shooting (Saturday will mark the 14-year anniversary)
2007 - Virginia Tech shooting (today marks the six-year anniversary)
2009 - Fort Hood Shooting
2011 - September 11th Terrorist Attacks
2012 - Aurora Theater Shooting
2012 - Sandy Hook Elementary shooting
2013 - Boston Marathon bombing
I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and heartbreak that each of these (and more) have cost.  But in the face of all of them, there has been heroism.  Whether it's physically helping victims or families, stopping the murderer, raising funds for victims' families, or praying.  No gesture is too small to help. 
If you want to help out in the current tragedy, the Boston Marathon bombings, please go here
It's hard not to be afraid.  Based on past events, fear is present in just about everything: going to school (whether it be elementary, high school, or college...none have been exempt), going to work, to the gym, to the movie theater with friends or family, a day at the mall, and now, running in a marathon.  It's scary. 
But when tragedy strikes, America strikes back.  We've come back from all of these as a stronger nation.  We spread love.  We spread hope.  We rebuild and help the victims & families back up.  We do not give up. 
So, if you can, hug your children a little tighter, tell your parents that you love them, send that email you've been putting off to your family you haven't seen in a while, get in the car and visit your loved ones, hang out with your friends - even a simple text to let someone know you're thinking about them.  It's not hard, and it only takes a minute to let someone know you love them.  Please don't take that for granted.  Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  Make today count. 
Today, my thoughts and prayers are especially with the victims, families, first responders, strangers and good samaritans of the Boston Marathon bombings yesterday.  They are left with the aftermath of the event, of which sometimes is harder than anything else.  
And since I'm requesting prayers, please also pray for humanity.  Pray that those in need of mental and physical help are in a position to ask for it or to receive it.  Pray for random acts of kindness.  Pray for peace, and for healing.  Pray for love. 
 Today, I'm praying for Boston. 
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Andrea H. said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing! I'll be praying :)

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