I'm tired.

I'm tired. More than that, I'm exhausted, and my body hates me right now. 
While I've seen so many people enjoying vacation after vacation and really living it up this summer, I've been working.  And not just your average, "this is the real, adult world and I have a job to be at every single day" kind of working. Nope. It's much, much more than that. 

It's working two jobs PLUS overtime all.summer.long kind of working. 

Here's what my average day looks like:
-Wake up at 4:00am
-Get ready for work
-Arrive at work at 6:00am
-Get off work at 4:30pm (that's right, 10 hours [at least] EVERY DAY)
-Drive to second job
-Clock in at 5:00pm
-Get off work at 9:00pm
-Arrive at home at 9:30pm
-Make/eat supper (all depends on the husband's work schedule)
-Entertain the dog so he has some kind of stimulation for the day
-Blog (in all of my spare time)
-Spend about 5 minutes with husband once he gets home from work (usually around 10 or so)
-Go to sleep at 11:00pm
This happens every day, unless I specifically request off from job #2 or work 12 1/2 hours in one day for overtime instead of 10 1/2, etc.
And the weekends...well, let's see.  Saturday, I'm at work by 7:30 or 8 (depending on IT maintenance hours) and work until noon.  And for the past 11 weeks, I haven't really had time for myself - it's always going here or there or everywhere with things to do and people to see.  No wonder I'm worn out! Sheesh!  I look forward to the weekend in which I can literally spend in my pajamas, sleeping in late, and watching movies all day.  *sigh*
And to top it off, there are other responsibilities and commitments that I have to stay on top of...or try to at least.  I know that so many things are lacking in my life right now and not getting the right amount of attention that's truly needed, but I can't help it! I'm tired. Not to complain or anything...
Thank God for Colten.  Seriously, that man is nothing short of amazing! We have our ups and downs, sure! Every couple does. But without him, there's seriously no way I would be making it through this long summer! He picks up so much of the homelife duties, it's ridiculous. He vacuums, sweeps, cleans, does dishes, laundry, takes care of the dog, keeps up with our financial budget, listens to my nagging about my day, holds me when I'm upset ... and all on top of working full time and attending school full time! He's pretty much my superman ;). I am so unbelievably blessed to be his wife and to fully have his support. He's constantly telling me to take it easy every now and then and not earn every hour of overtime possible - yeah right! I then explain why it's necessary, and he gives me a giant hug and tells me that he loves me, on top of thanking me for all of the extra effort and hard work I'm putting in to earn every extra dollar that I can. 
Okay, to explain a little further, overtime at the OAG is not something that comes along very often. In fact, this is the first time it's been offered in well over ten years. TEN YEARS, y'all! How can I not take full advantage of that?! Let me tell you. I can't. Simple as that! It's been available since mid-May and will continue through the month of August (the end of the fiscal year). So I've literally worked the entire summer, including overtime - about 70-hour weeks! But, it's only one more month, so I've got to kick it in gear, find some energy from somewhere, and push through this last month.  And for those that don't know, in order to earn overtime, you've got to work the regular 40 hour work week (rocket science, I know!), so that means you cannot call in sick or take a day of vacation in order to earn the overtime. That's right, we've been going to work sick.  But not super sick...thank goodness we've held off on that!
But in all of the long hours, stressful days, overwhelming feelings, and tears, I am blessed. I am so eternally grateful that this opportunity has presented itself. As a newlywed couple, we still struggle to make ends meet. Colten is still in school until the end of the year and we've got loans coming out of our ears! But seriously, money is tight. And in our moment of need, God provided a way for me to earn extra income! God is oh so good! Nevermind the exhaustion and burning want to just sleep an extra hour or two - there's money to be made! It's truly amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. I perform on very little sleep each and every day [for the past 3 months] and I've survived. Yep, I'm still alive! (Hallelujah!) And just when I'm ready to say "enough is enough", I get to earn extra income for my family for another month! Praise God!
Along this journey, I've increased our income, leaned on my husband for support and was not disappointed in the least, celebrated triumphs with my family, laughed, loved, made new friendships, and furthered other friendships. Basically, I'm living life! And I couldn't be happier! Well, a few hours of sleep here and there and I'd be ECSTATIC! ;)
So, I'm tired. So what? Tired is temporary. Glory is forever! And I'm giving all the glory to God, the most deserving of it all. It's because of Him that I am able to accomplish the feats that I have.  It's because of Him that I'm able to get out of bed each and every day to face a new challenge and overcome obstacles.  It's because of Him that I have such an amazing support system that I can turn to no matter what. It's because of Him that my life is amazing and I am able to truly be thankful for it all.
How have you spent your summer? Are you ready for fall? I AM! :)
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Anonymous said...

You need a vacation like yesterday and I am so ready for fall!

Rachel S said...

For some reason that posted as anon but that was me!

Karla said...

Wow. That's all that comes to my mind after reading all that. Just, wow. Gosh, girl! No wonder why you are so tired!! How do you find the time to blog? Haha. Although, that is probably another thing that helps to keep you grounded! I'm so glad you have an amazing husband to support you. =) And I just LOVE your positive attitude. You go girl =)

Petchie said...

Wow girl you are crazy determined working that much! Hang in there, you definitely deserve a vacation!


Brittany F said...

What a powerful post! You are doing such an amazing job keeping things afloat and I am so impressed that in the mists of it all you find time to write your glory to God in a blog. Girl I thought I was busy with a full time job and a little one, you are seriously rocking it out. Keep up the great attitude and know that there are people out there (whom you've never even met) praying for you and Colton.

Haley said...

Too much working! !! I have never worked two jobs so I don't know how tired you feel. But I'm imagining it's pretty damn tired. The very last thing you want to do when coming home from a ten hour day of work is turn around and go to another job! And to top it off, you barely see your husband. He's busy working late too! You two sound like you work hard for what you have and I really, really respect that. I'm happy to hear that you are buds and that he keeps you sane.
Aaaaand, how the hell do you find a minute to blog for one and then visit other blogs aaand comment!!? We've got ourselves a superwoman over here. Good on ya Brianna!

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