FAM{iLY}, FuN, & shoes. {Weekend Shenanigans}

This past weekend was excellent, and much needed as I hadn't had one in a while! So, what better way to capture all of the awesomeness than by linking up for Sami's Shenanigans?! Don't worry, I couldn't think of a better way, either. ;)
This weekend was also the first one that my darling husband has had off in a while - there were initially plans regarding his reasoning for requesting the weekend off, but they fell through. Lucky for me, because that meant we actually got to spend a weekend together! :) Saturday, we took advantage of it and spent the day running errands, together. It's always so much better to not have to do that alone. It was great quality time, and we accomplished a lot!

My amazing husband also surprised me with these 'get well' flowers after finishing up my retreatment on Thursday - so sweet!

We stopped by Academy to try on some shoes, as both Colten and I have been in pretty desperate need for new tennis shoes. And of course, my awesome brother was working, so it was a plus to get to visit with him in the process! We ended up staying for two and a half hours in the footwear department! Holy cow! But, it made his time at work go by faster, and Colten also found the steel toe workboots - score! However, he also found the above camo snake boots and tried to talk me into letting him get them. Umm, sorry darling husband, but you do not need snake boots to walk around our apartment. Nice try, though! ;)

Since we were at Academy for forever, it was time for Josh's lunch break, so we took him out to eat! Yay! Of course, we hit up Jack in the Box down the street - his fave! Then, this walked in the door... Needless to say we were highly entertained. I mean, seriously? Keep Austin Weird at its finest!

Sunday morning, we were off to church, and it was a great service! I truly cherish every time that we are able to worship as a couple.  Seeing how Colten's schedule differs weekly, this isn't always possible. But when it is, I'm one happy wife! Happy wife=happy life, right?! :)

Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Main Event Entertainment and met Josh after work. We started out with some bowling action, in which both Josh and I each won a game. And there's proof, people! It was a blast, as always! And, they are running their $5 FUNbination promotion through November 22, which means you get 'unlimited' play per activity for only $5! However, they do limit bowling to an hour at a time due to the high volume of people just itching to play. Colten wasn't too happy about this little fact, but we cheered him up and headed over for glow-in-the-dark putt putt golf! We had a blast, and it was definitely great to get out of the house! 

After golf, we headed back to Josh's place to order our new shoes! Score! His girlfriend was home, and we ever so kindly pretty much forced her to take a break from studying - sorry! But she hadn't heard of this song yet, so we definitely had to play it ... maybe on repeat for a few times...

We also introduced her into the world of music videos by Miley Cyrus - she knew of the songs and liked them...possibly until she saw the videos. You're welcome.

We ended the night by heading over to Sonic for supper, and I was introduced to the Ocean Water - THANK YOU! Super delicious, and I just so happen to work right next to a Sonic and can totally walk over during happy hour. :)

How was your weekend? Let me know!

Sami's Shenanigans

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Rachel said...

So as to what is in Jack N the Box..is that a lady superman?

Chelsee W said...

Wow that pink outfit has me at a loss of words. Those flowers are gorgeous, how sweet of him to think of you and bring you flowers! Looks like you had a great weekend:)

Karla said...

LOL at that outfit!! I love glow in the dark bowling! Haven't done that in too long! The flowers are gorgeous. What a thoughtful husband! =)

Haley said...

... and the snake skin boots looked so good on him too. What a shame;)
Glad to hear you had a good weekend! (Mine was pretty chill.. went to a 1 year old baptism/b'day party, helped my mom move and watched a couple of good movies at home.)

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