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So, as many of you know, the new iOS 7 is out and about, running amuck in our lives. It's definitely grown on me, and now that the apps are updating to be compatible with the new iOS, it's making me a happy, happy girl! But, the new iOS features meant that my old lock screen creations didn't really work with the new look. The clock part is a little lower than it used to be, and the 'slide to unlock' feature is much, much different. So, that obviously called for an all new lock screen creation!  I worked on a few earlier this week, and I wanted to share the two that my husband and I are currently using:
This one is gracing my lock screen, and I absolutely love it!

This one is on my hubby's phone. Although, it doesn't look the greatest with the clock feature because it doesn't show up much. I'm working on a better design, but he loves it too much to care that he can't really see what time it is. That man and his Duck Dynasty - my goodness!
So, I just wanted to share a little lockscreen love! Have a favorite quote or saying you'd like to grace your phone? What about a saying or design that you are just loving right now? Let me know! I'm in no way a professional or can guarantee anything, but I love to just play around with it and see what happens! :)
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Karla said...

SO cute!!! I need to get a new lock screen. I've had the same one forever. I love the Duck Dynasty one!! haha

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