Happy Friday, friends! And congratulations on making it through another work week - I know, it's been tough. But, we did it! I was off yesterday, so Wednesday also felt like Friday; and let me tell you, two 'fridays' in one week is pretty fabulous! And today, some random things for you!
First of all, thanks to my lovely co-worker, I've been introduced to the wonderful world of key lime pie. Luckily, I wasn't the only one that has been out of the loop, because my other co-worker hadn't tried  it before either. And needless to say, we're both in love! We may or may not have made several trips to the grocery store on our breaks at work to buy the single-serving size... sorry, not sorry!
Marie Callender's just didn't compare. Seriously, save yourself and stick with Edwards!
Second, all the world is hyped from the long-anticipated new iOS release for all things Apple! iOS 7 was released on Wednesday, and I admit I was one that jumped right on that update! However, I did run into a few glitches while attempting to download and install the new iOS at work:
1//not enough storage space {I had 2.3 GB available, so I only had to delete apps up to .7 GB...nbd.}
2//no wifi. epic fail, friends! However, thank goodness for the nifty mobile hotspots!
3//computer problems while charging said hotspot.
4//I received an error message while attempting to download the new iOS. If you follow me on Instagram, then you've seen the screenshot. So sad. But, I realized it was because I had the phone on a charging dock, and it didn't like that. Once I removed it, all was well.
5//Well, not all. Once it downloaded after an hour, it then told me that I didn't have enough battery power to install {it needed to be at 50%}, so charging commenced.
6//Update Unavailable at this time. I was one of the ones that was affected by the overloaded servers! I tried multiple times over the course of about thirty minutes before I was finally able to install the darn thing. Well worth it in my book!
7//I had to go to job #2 that evening, so I wasn't able to sit back, relax, and dive into all things iOS7
{terrible, I know!}
BUT, after all of that, I managed to get it installed. And then I hated it. Okay, maybe not hate. However, the next morning, and the more I used it, I was in love. Today, it's fabulous! So, it grew on me. :) But, am I the only one that likes to manually update my apps? I guess I just like to know what's going on and what's all-new! And, I typically love surprises, but I don't think I'd be too happy if I randomly open an app expecting it to be like the last time I used it, and it's totally revamped or has some new feature I'm missing out on because I couldn't read up on the update it had prior to performing the update. Anyway, just me I guess. Oh well. You can guarantee I'll be manually doing those suckers!
I'm super excited to be heading to Dallas this afternoon! However, it will have been raining all day, and there's a 70% chance of rain when the game is scheduled to start. Sooo, it may not happen, but we're still planning on it this morning! Fingers crossed, and GO RAMBELLES!
  As I mentioned already, I was off yesterday from both jobs {it's just necessary every now and then}. That's exciting in and of itself. But my day improved after a visit from a dear friend! However, it was a super blogger and IG fail after we didn't take any pictures together. time! Thanks for the visit, D! It was great catching up with him. :) He's one of those friends that you don't have to talk to every day or see very often, but when you do talk or get to visit, you just pick up like no time has elapsed and just talk and talk and talk. I love it!      

And lastly, I've come to know and love this here drink. It's natural energy that really works! With working so much and always being on the go, I'm tired. And, I don't want to constantly put those terrible energy drinks {Monster, Red Bull, etc.} into my body. So, meet Ocean Spray's Cran-Energy drinks! The pomegranate one is pretty good, but raspberry is my favorite! I grab one every morning and sometimes even in the afternoons on the days I work both jobs. It truly helps and I definitely notice a difference. It's refreshing, and there's no crash later! I also don't feel terrible from consuming so much sugar and 'grossness'. Yes, grossness. One bottle of these things has 11g of sugar and only 40 calories! Win, win my friends! Win, win!         

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Karla said...

Yeah, I wasn't too sure about iOS7 at first either, but now I'm really beginning to like it! and YUM.. the key lime pie looks to die for! HAppy Friday!

Haley said...

My husband wasn't a big fan of the update the other night either. But I haven't heard too many complaints from him recently.. So I think he's with you and it has grown on him!
I will try those drinks one day.. I like the idea of a natural energy drink..!

Jessica said...

I still haven't updated.. I also have to make some storage space and that seems like a really annoying task so I am putting it off. I also hate change. But like you, I may or may not just get bored one day and take the plunge and try it out

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

OOh I am going to have to try those Energy juices!!!

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