Monday. Again. Oh how I loathe thee.
BUT, my weekend was pretty fab, so let's just talk about that instead, shall we? I think so.
1// My sister has returned from her wayyy too long super awesome vacation to London and Paris! However, I was sadly informed that she does not have a picture like the one above - I mean, come on?! Epic fail in my book. Just sayin'. But, I'm glad she's home! Yay! {however, that also means that I no longer get to drive her luxury car and am back to driving old faithful...but that also means I don't have to spend as much gas as I have been because my car gets way better gas, win?? sure, why not. let's go with that}
2// Fall weather y'all! That's what Saturday was all about. However, I must take the time to admit that I slept for like 15 hours from Friday to Saturday, and was pretty lazy the rest of Saturday as well. But, we had the windows open in the house, so that counts right? Yep. It does.
3// Saturday was also spent watching Grey's Anatomy reruns that I may or may not DVR to watch when nothing else catches my interest. Well, guess what? Nothing else did this weekend. Seriously. I couldn't get enough! And this has got to be my all-time favorite line:
Callie: Did anyone ever think you two were a couple?
Meredith: No, because we screw boys like whores on tequila.
Christina: Then we either try to marry them or drown ourselves.
I mean, sheer perfection right there, folks! Seriously.
4// So, the game in Dallas on Friday was rained out, but the weather cleared up nicely, and the San Antonio game was still on! So, we did the only obvious choice and went to watch our super awesome athlete of a cousin play collegiate soccer! Duh. What else do you do on a Sunday? Yeah, I don't know either. She was awesome, as always, and her fan club got lots of pics! We're a pretty entertaining bunch, people! Seriously. Best. Fanclub. Ever. We also toured the city in our attempt to locate the facility in which the girls were showering - epic fail {and a total waste of gas *sigh*}. Aaaannndd, as we got there, they were leaving {of course!} - so, we did what any good fanclub would do and we followed the bus to go eat! Luckily, our cousin is a rebel and chose to eat with her family instead of following the rules and sitting with her team. Yeah! She loves her fanclub, and I guess it's safe to say she probably missed her parents and sister too and not just the super awesome cousin fanclub ;). It was also pretty awesome to witness her first collegiate yellow card. Don't poke the bear! Great times. Oh yeah, and THEY WON! And, she got the assist to one of the goals and the assist to the assist for the other {that's a thing, I promise!}. The beast is back, y'all!
And duh, I'm linking up for Weekend Shenanigans. What else?!
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Haley said...

You sound suuuper upbeat in this post! I'm glad you had a great weekend! And yes, having the windows open DOES count. ;)

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