Day Three: Isaiah 1-6

Today's reading focuses on that of sin.  Our country is desolate, and our cities burned with fire.  Taken straight from today's reading, we are specifically told to take our evil deeds out of His sight.  Stop doing wrong, and learn to do right.  This is a very clear message that we must not be buried in sin.  However, God also tells us that we need to reason together, with him.

"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool" - Isaiah 1:18 

The reading continues and this verse really stuck out to me: 

"Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils.  Of what account is he?" - Isaiah 2:22

Today's reading also hits on the topic of flirting.  In Isaiah 3:16-17, the women of Zion are roaming the streets, flirting with their eyes, tripping along with mincing steps, with ornaments jingling on their ankles.  By doing so, the Lord brought sores to their heads and took away their hair - that was the punishment for their sin.  

Today's reading discussed God's Acceptance At Issue.  Those who act "religious" but ignore their obligation to love their neighbor are hypocrites in God's eyes.  So often in today's society, people turn their heads and only put their faith in God at church or when others are looking upon them in judgment.  This is unfair.  Going to church makes you a Christian as much as sitting in a garage makes you a car.  Going to church is very important, don't get me wrong, but that is not the only time that we must seek God and put our faith in Him to follow His path.  If this is the only time that you act religious, then you are a hypocrite.  Yes, I said it, you're a hypocrite.  Don't be a "sometimes" Christian.  Be a devout believer of Christ and devoted child of God.  Do not be ashamed or embarrassed.  

Myth #58: 
"It's ok if my husband is my only friend."
While it is important to have a close relationship with your husband, it is also vital that he is not the only friend you have.  It takes work to meet and sustain deep and meaningful friendships, but the benefits of friendships far outweigh the costs or risks.  The Bible gives four key things to keep in mind: 
1.  We need friendships with other women to reciprocate encouragement and wisdom.  will you courageously seek out friendships in which you can give as well as receive?  As much as you need the friendship of another woman, another woman needs your friendship too.  She is waiting for you to come alongside her. 
2.  Girlfriends can understand us in ways that men never can.  Can a man truly understand PMS, what it's like to be a sister, the biological clock, or shopping?  Even the most well-rounded man can't fully relate.  Girlfriends can understand us, empathize with us, and pray for our unique struggles.
3.  Your marriage will be healthier and more balanced if you and your husband both have strong, same-sex friendships.  Men need other men; women need other women.  You and your husband will both benefit from godly friendships and accountability.  
4.  It is not fair to ask your husband to be your only friend.  While your husband should be your closest friend and your primary emotional partner, expecting him to be your only friend puts undue pressure on your marriage.  It's impossible for one person to meet all of your needs.  God is the only one who can meet all of your needs in one relationship.  If you expect anyone else to do what only God can do, you are setting yourself up for continual disappointment.  

Okay, there's the overview of today's reading and the Word of God.  Whew!  That was a lot to take in.  I admit that today's reading of Isaiah was more difficult than the previous two days, but I still took a lot from it.  Sin is bad.  We are all sinners.  We've known this for years, especially growing up in the church.  However, we are eternally grateful that God forgives us.  We're only human, right?  This is why confession and prayer are essential to our everyday lives.  God knows that we are sinners and that we make mistakes, but he's oh so forgiving and will do so no matter what.  

I had a very difficult time with the myth that was discussed today.  Although my husband is not my only friend, friendship is something that I've been struggling with for some time now.  I have lots of friends, sure.  But lately, I've felt more alone and that I don't have a true, deep, lasting friendship with any particular person other than friends and family.  No one else knows 'the real me' and what makes me tick.  I used to think I had that in a best friend, but I don't think our friendship truly grew to the status of that of a best friend.  I long for that, though.  I want that person that I can be completely myself with and that I can text or call just because I finished watching a show or someone said something and I wanted to share.  I don't have that.  I've never had that.  BUT I WANT THAT!  I know that friendships are very important in today's society, especially with all of today's struggles and hardships, but am I worthy of a best friend?  Am I worthy of someone else's time and energy?  I think so.  I truly feel that I deserve it.  I know that I am not where I want to be or even need to be regarding the friendships in my life, and I know friendships take work (which I'm willing to give).  But I know that I am still young and have such a bright future ahead of me.  I know that in my journey to become closer to God and my faith, I will come across several devoted and loving personalities and Christians - and I know that God has a plan for me and will bring the right person in my path when it is time.  I'm just really struggling with this in the mean time.  I want to be the person that a friend can turn to, NO MATTER THE SITUATION.  Good or bad, I will be there.  I won't turn against you.  But in turn, I also need to have that person to turn to in any situation, good or bad, other than my husband and my family.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my relationship with my family and my husband, but I need that in a friend.  I do have several 'good' friends that I turn to, but sometimes I feel like I'm not enough for them.  I feel lost and distant - left out in the cold.  My day will come, I suppose, but in the meantime, I know I will continue to struggle.  I know that it's all in His plan, as stated earlier, but this is something that is harder for me, and I will have to come to terms with my situation and seek refuge in Him.  Please pray for my soul to be comforted and for the right friend to be placed in my path and I in theirs.  

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