So I know that I'm on my journey to deepen my faith and apply the Word of God in my day-to-day existence, but I haven't had the time to post about it yet, and for that, my apologies! But God knows that my life has had a hiccup recently.

My grandfather was hospitalized last week and then placed in the skilled nursing unit at the nursing home. The goal is to rehab and go home, but it's completely up to him to improve to the extent that he will be released. I pray for him daily that he will have the strength and determination to make it out of there! Talk about a true test of your faith! I didn't take the news well when I initially found out. I was angry and wanted to rush home to see for myself if it was true. But responsibly, I knew better! I took the updates from my parents and continued to PRAY. I prayed for peace. I prayed for strength and courage. Not only for myself, but for Pops and our family as well. It's definitely taken its toll! What I thought was going to be a restful and relaxing weekend turned into sleepless nights, worrying, and nursing home visitations. I'm exhausted! But it was worthwhile to put in the time and effort, and I know it meant the world to my grandpa! It definitely helped me to sit with him all morning today. Not that I was helpful, but I hope my mere presence was helpful. He was able to tell that I CARE. I care so deeply, and walking out today broke my heart. It was so hard to leave! But I know he's in great hands and will follow God's path.

But with this hiccup came tears, strength, heartbreak, anger, joy, compassion, selfishness...so many emotions. It also hindered my time to study, journal, and reflect on the Scripture I have read thus far. But have no fear! I will catch up and I know that God understands, as it is He who has placed this hiccup upon my life. I just have to try to stay strong and continue to pray for His healing hand to be placed upon my family.

My Father...is amazing <3 br="br">

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