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Life has been absolutely AMAZING to me, especially lately.  That's right, no complaints here!  My birthday was last week and I turned the big 2-4.  My husband was amazing and surprised me with GORGEOUS gladiolas - in three colors I might add!  They are starting to bloom and are breathtaking. They have definitely become one of my favorite flowers, easily!  Then he planned a get-together with close friends and family - those that could make it.  He was upset that not more people showed up, but I had a fantastic time!  I've never been one to be the center of attention and have people fuss over the quaint gathering was perfect!  And we didn't even do much - just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company with some cocktails.  I loved it :).  And it was definitely one never to forget!  So, if you're reading this and you attended, thank you!! =D 

Then, Saturday was upon us.  My awesome BFF DeMarcos treated us to brunch at IHOP, which is always delicious and this time didn't disappoint!  After that, I spent the afternoon cuddled up with my husband watching The Last Song.  Okay, I know what you're thinking, "Really, Bri?  The Last Song? With your husband?  Poor guy!"  He felt the same for the most part, but it really was the best quality time we've had in a while.  We had a very deep discussion about things and just being in his arms the entire afternoon was perfect.  He said he didn't mind and enjoyed the movie. 

Sunday was here before I knew it, and my fabulous parents decided to make the trip to Austin and take me out to eat for my birthday - along with Colten and my sister (Josh had to work).  We went to Olive Garden and it was amazing!  (I think I need to find a synonym for 'amazing')  Mom and I tried one of their new dishes, and it was by far the most amazing meal I've had in a while!  Then they hung out for a little while and Mom helped me decorate my last sad wall in the I'm so in love with it!  Pictures will come as soon as I attack the task of deciding on pictures to print, print them, and then put them up in frames.  Right now, my apartment is filled with strangers....weird, I know!  Haha.  But I'm so happy that it's all done and now all that's left to do is the fun part!  It's been almost a year that we've been married, and sadly, I still have yet to order ANY wedding pictures!  My bridal portrait is the lone picture in the place.  That will soon change :). 

So, it was a GREAT weekend celebrating my life (all 24 years of it), and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way! 

On a side-note, I know I haven't been blogging my daily Bible study, but I've come to the conclusion that updating every single day the way I need to commit every day is unrealistic.  I'd rather commit to the daily Scripture reading and journal it as it pertains to my life and apply it, and I will update my blog at LEAST once a week on the day that stuck with me the most.  So, have no fear!  I have not quit or abandoned my journey.  I simply do not have time every day to delve into the reading AND blog about it after I've journaled it.  I hope you'll forgive me!  But that's just the way it is.  And I've accepted it!  Just wanted to give the update :).  Have a blessed Monday, y'all!

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Kim said...

Girl, even *I* need to order some pics from your wedding! lol.

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