I gave it away...

Hello lovelies!  I hope absolutely everyone is having a FABULOUS Thursday! 
I'm super pumped today for two, count them, TWO reasons! 
And now I'm assuming you'd like to know why.  Makes sense...
Well, for starters,
Who's with me?! 
#thestormiscoming has been trending and it holds a special place in my heart. 
The terrible storm hits Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
The lights go out. 
And then, naturally, Meredith goes into labor.
C-section in the dark anyone? 
Yeah, didn't think so.  But I absolutely bet it'll make for EXCELLENT television tonight! 
Check it out.  Especially if you've been slacking off in the Grey's Anatomy department; it's had it's downslides, but it's oh so good right now! 
ABC at 9/8c!
BE THERE.  Because #thestormiscoming !
Reason number DOS for being PUMPED is because I gave it away
What did I give away?  Well, truthfully, nothing yet.  BUT....
You can ENTER NOW to win, win, WIN big over at
 Something About You and Me
And what I'm giving away --- 1 month of FREE ad space! 
Hip, hip, hooray!  Free for May!  Well, the winner will be announced in May, on the 31st to be exact.  The free adspace will begin on June 1st and run through the entire month
But that's not all! 
Wait, what?!! 
That's right!
There is MORE you can win by entering in our Month of May Giveaway! 
Here's the deets
First, let's all be nice here and follow by the rules:
1. Go follow the following lovely ladies - links below. 
2. ENTER the giveaway.  Instructions below.
*all entries will be verified*
Here's what's up for grabs!
Win 1 Month Free Ad Space for the following lovely ladies:
Something About You and Me
Simple Moments Stick
Today Was A Fairytale
My Life Would Suck Without Me (hey, that's me!)
Green Mountain Couple
You also will win these goodies:
$10 Amazon Gift Card from Siriusly Craftables
$25 Target Gift Card from Sweet Lion Life
Surprise Gift Box worth $30
Now, what do you have to do to join in on this crazy fun? 
That's the easy part! 
Just click that blue button down there
and follow the directions! 
Good luck y'all!
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