Umm...I got a {TATTOO}!

That's right,


And no, it wasn't a super-spontaneous decision that I regret. 
It was only semi-spontaneous! ;)
But I still don't regret it!
But seriously, here's the lo-down: 
 I had been going back and forth with the idea for several years.
Colten wanted a tattoo since probably the day that I met him, almost 6 years ago! Well, let's clarify - he's wanted one longer than that, but I wasn't aware of it at the time because I didn't even know the guy! 
So, for his 21st birthday, his present from me was his first tattoo!  And he loves it! 
So do I :). 
He's been talking about getting another one, and there is conflict regarding what he wants to get - so nothing is going to happen until this girl gives the a-okay. 
Don't worry! 
So, needless to say it's been a topic of conversation on more than one occassion. 
I REALLY, really wanted to get a tattoo. 
But then the problem of exatly what to get pops up. 
It will be there...forever. 
I'm well aware of how permanent a tattoo is, which is also why you shouldn't take the decision to get one very lightly!  I definitely didn't.  It's not something I openly discuss with people, but that doesn't mean I've never wanted one.  It was also not a big secret or anything, so whatever.  Anyway, with the way things have been going in my life and what my future is looking like, I was ready. 
This picture was what inspired me:
which you've already seen if you follow me on Instragram!
I love the small, delicate cross, and the placement on the wrist.  It's something you know is there but you don't necessarily have to show to the entire world every time you go out in public. 
Thus began the lengthy and exhausting task of deciding which arm to get it on and exactly what to have the cross look like, etc. etc. 
But, I made my decision and sat on it for a while.  Colten okay'd it - he said he loved it!  And claims he still does - I hope so! :)
I admit I went back and forth a little on the day of, but not regarding any of the major aspects of getting a tattoo.  Now is when I would like to thank a few GREAT friends that helped me along the way, even if it was only for support.  For those that don't know me, I'm not one to normally get tattoos or to do anything spontaneous that has such a lasting effect. 
On the day I was going to get it done, I was definitely sure about getting it done.  I was also super anxious!  Seriously, I couldn't focus on anything else. 
How much was it going to cost, EXACTLY?
How much was it going to hurt, exactly? 
How much was I going to absolutely love and adore it? 
Little did I know...
Here's a little more background:

i hate needles.

Seriously, to this day, I cannot stand the sight of a needle.  I hate shots; I hate IV's; I hate giving blood - all of it.  Now I know that shots are necessary, as well as IV's, and I know giving blood is a great way to help, especially in times of need and low blood supply, so I'll still go through with it, but that doesn't mean I'll be okay with it!  I'll moan and groan and stomp my feet about having to get a simple shot. 
Yes, I'm a baby. 

So, the fact that I even wanted a tattoo kind of scared me at first, which might also be why I've sat on the thought of getting one for several years.  I also wanted to be sure I was old enough to really know that I'd want it and like it forever. 
I will, I assure you :). 

I kept asking myself how I would even handle getting a tattoo if I can't stand getting a shot? 
Seriously, how y'all?! 

You know how?  By putting on my big girl panties and just going for it!
It's something that I did for myself and no one else. 
It's something that I've been wanting to do.
It's something that's forever been on my bucket list, which I just may post more about later.
I'ts something that will be near and dear to my heart for forever.
It's something that I love.
It's something that no one else has to approve of or even look at. 
It's something that's all my own. 

Well, here it is!

The day I got my first tattoo!

It's nothing crazy or super big or anything, but I LOVE IT! 
And that's what matters :).
Three weeks ago today, Colten took me to go get my tattoo after work!  Since I'm being honest here, I'll admit that I had to just sit in the truck for a few minutes before even entering the place.  The guy at the counter took a look at what I was wanting and said he could knock it out in no time at all.  I paid for it, and he started prepping. 
I was nervous as heck, so it was great when my sister called and asked what I was doing - it's like she knew! Haha.  She was pretty much shocked when I told her where I was.  Understandable. 
The guy (with lots of tats and piercings and a badass handlebar moustache) said he was ready and so in the room we went!  He wore a headlight to help him see, since the tattoo was going to be pretty small.  One of his coworkers was passing by the room we were in and had to stop by to comment, which I absolutely loved!  He had to give him hell that he was wearing it - and asked if he was going mining later.  They went back and forth a few times and I was thankful - it helped get my mind off of what was happening. 
Now for what everyone talks about when getting a tattoo
the pain.
The pain wasn't so terrible, y'all!  It was there, oh yeah, but it honestly wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  Which might just mean that I was expecting to be a little baby again and start bawling like the baby that I am.  Instead, though, I clenched my teeth a few times - y'all, he's like coloring on my arm with a needle, it hurt - but overall, the experience wasn't that bad!  Colten is already asking me what I want next.  Ha!
I couldn't watch while he was doing it, though, just like I never watch when I'm getting a shot or IV put in.  I just couldn't.  And he covered it so fast that I really didn't get to look at it.  After getting it done, we went out to eat and invited my brother along.  The entire time, Colten was wanting me to take off the bandage to look at it - I don't think so!  It was still bleeding and we were eating - totally disgusting combo! 
I took it off when I got home and was in love.  I cleaned it and put my tat wax on it every day, 3-4 times a day, as instructed, and to this day it looks great! 
I'm proud of myself for doing something for me and only me.  I'm proud that I went through with it and that I love it.  No regrets here, people! 
Yes, I work in a professional atmosphere every day. 
Yes, I was concerned about having a tattoo in the workplace.
Yes, I can cover it up with a watch or other cute accessory, like a bracelet. 
Yes, I thought about it. 


It's still kind of weird to say, though.  I'm all like, "Umm, I got a tattoo!" 
Do you have any tattoos?  Do you want one/more?  What was your experience like?  
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Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Cute Tattoo!!!

Nicole Gilbert said...

Love the tattoo!!! I'm a tattoo fanatic!!! I have 4 total and want one more after I graduate :) take a look here for a little story about my tattoos :)

Christine said...

That's my tattoo and hand i'm glad I could inspire you! soo cool

Christine said...

That's my tattoo and hand i'm glad I could inspire you! soo cool

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