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This is my first time linking up with Halie over at Penguins, Pasta, & Polka Dots for the 'From Firsts to Lasts' (FFTL) link-up that happens every {tuesday}! 

First Things First

Usually, you talk about your first someting, BUT, new rules are in place, which means today (the last Tuesday of the month, and my first time to link up [ha!]) we talk about a few lasts.  If you're totally and utterly confused, go check out the rules!

So, here we go! 

Today's LASTS topics are:
Last book you read
Last movie you saw in a theater

Last Book I Read
I was really, really hoping I was going to be able to talk about the book I'm currently reading, but I didn't get as much time to read this past weekend as I had hoped.  So, that means I will talk a little bit about Walter Walker's Crime of Privilege.  It was our book club's BOTM (book of the month) last month and was a FREE galley offer by Randomhouse Publishing, so we decided to give it a go!  Here's my review via Goodreads

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed most of this book. It definitely grabbed my attention from the start; however, it ended so abruptly and didn't really answer "whodunnit?".

I found it a little difficult in the beginning to really follow who all of the characters were, as it just throws you into the middle of a party at the Senator's house - and then the dates jumping around kind of threw me off, too. But I got used to that pretty quickly.

I loved all of the unexpected twists and turns! Just when I thought I had something figured out, WHAM! - another surprise!

I'm glad George ended up with Barbara personally, but I HATED the rest of the ending. A killer was not revealed. Both George and Barbara were stuck at meaningless jobs which they obviously hated ... it just seemed like a lot of drawn out suspense through the book only to end very dully. For this reason, I had to rate it only 3 stars.

And with that ending, I will be honest and say that I would NOT recommend this book to anyone else. It's dissapointing.

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Last Movie I Saw in a Theater
The last movie I saw in the theater, sadly, was The Croods.  The only sad part was that it was mid-April when we saw that one, so it's been a while!  Things have just been so hectic lately and I literally just haven't had any time.  However, The Croods was such a cute movie!  Colten and I went to see it when his dad and step-mom came to visit for a few days.  I was really looking forward to the movie, and it didn't disappoint!  For those that don't know, The Croods is a movie about a family of cavemen that are striving to survive out in the wild amongst other animals.  However, the daughter, Eep (yes, that's her name), is rebellious and is tired of following by the 'rules'.  She wants an adventure!  And boy does she get one!  She ventures out of their cave after dark (which is a giant NO-NO) and meets Guy (that's his name), who is not a caveman, but he's searching for the sun, as he knows that's where he will be happy, etc. etc.  It's a cute storyline of them all trying to reach the sun.  And I'll admit right now, I teared up a little - there are a few sad parts that just pull at your heartstrings! 

This guy was my favorite - 'Belt'.  Because, well, he was a belt!  Haha.  "Dun, dun, DUNNNN!" 

It's definitely a super cute movie that I would recommend to people of all ages!  Seriously, go see it! 

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Halie Renee said...

We also loved The Croods! It was just so stinking cute! And I actually teared up a little during the movie as well at some of those super sweet parts :) So glad you linked up with us for your first time, on the first day of our lasts! Hahah :)

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